Attention deficit disorder (with or without hyperactivity) affects people of all ages, races, professions and walks of life. The impact of attention deficit disorder symptoms can make a person less productive, but still no less able to make their mark on this world. It’s estimated that approximately 5 percent of children today may have a form of attention deficit disorder.

Having ADHD doesn’t mean you have a handicap. As somebody once noted, “ADHD often endows children and adults with gifts such as creativity, intuition, imagination, and a sense of adventure.” Indeed, if you have ADHD, you are in very good company with the list of famous people below who either have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, or have many of the symptoms of this disorder that suggest they may have had it (in no particular order):

Albert Einstein Galileo Mozart Leonardo da Vinci Cher Bruce Jenner Charles Schwab Henry Winkler Danny Glover Walt Disney John Lennon Greg Louganis Winston Churchill Henry Ford Stephen Hawkings Jules Verne Alexander Graham Bell Woodrow Wilson Hans Christian Anderson Nelson Rockefeller Thomas Edison Gen. George Patton Agatha Christie John F. Kennedy Whoopi Goldberg Rodin Thomas Thoreau David H. Murdock Dustin Hoffman Pete Rose Russell White Jason Kidd Russell Varian Robin Williams Louis Pasteur Werner von Braun Dwight D. Eisenhower Robert Kennedy Prince Charles Gen. Westmoreland Eddie Rickenbacker Gregory Boyington Harry Belafonte F. Scott Fitzgerald Mariel Hemingway Steve McQueen George C. Scott Tom Smothers Suzanne Somers Lindsay Wagner George Bernard Shaw Joan Rivers Beethoven Jim Carey Carl Lewis Jackie Stewart “Magic” Johnson John Corcoran Sylvester Stallone