You’re getting ready for that big test at school or that big job interview, and you can’t stop sweating. Your heart feels like it’s going to jump out of your chest, and you feel nauseous, and like you’ll faint any minute.

It’s natural to feel anxious in those moments. But when those feelings of anxiety become overwhelming and interfere with daily life, it might be an anxiety disorder.

Typically, feelings of anxiety come and go, lasting only a few moments or in certain situations. But if you have an anxiety disorder, these feelings of anxiety and fear might be with you all the time.

So, how anxious are you?

We’ve created this brief quiz to help you determine if you might benefit from seeing a mental health professional for diagnosis of an anxiety disorder and treatment, if needed.

Only a mental health professional can accurately diagnose an anxiety disorder.

This online screening is not a diagnostic tool. Only a trained medical professional, like a doctor or mental health professional, can help you determine the next best steps for you.

This quiz can’t replace a clinical diagnosis. If you believe you might have bipolar disorder or another condition after taking this test, consider reaching out to a qualified professional about your symptoms.

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