Join Gabe Howard, who lives with bipolar disorder, and Dr. Nicole Washington, a board certified psychiatrist, as they explore the spectrum of this misunderstood illness. They tackle bipolar using real world examples, the latest research, and just enough funny to keep you intrigued.

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Deconstructing Hypersexuality in Bipolar Disorder

What is hypersexuality? Is it just about having a lot of sex, or is there more to it? And why don’t we hear more about this common symptom of bipolar disorder?

Do Medical Providers Know Best When It Comes to Bipolar Disorder?

Discussing the pitfalls of getting information from our friends and from medical professionals. Offering tips on how bipolar patients can better advocate for themselves, including what not to say and when it’s better to stay quiet and listen. A nuanced and in-depth conversation about managing bipolar disorder.