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Lions and Tigers and Bears (and a Mouse) and Feelings

When it comes to lions, tigers, bears, and feelings, many people rest easier when they are contained. Part of a therapist’s job involves helping clients experience and manage their difficult,...

What do you do when a manly man cries?

It has happened to me twice now, so I have to ask myself – what do you do when a manly man cries? Recently a friend of mine broke down crying talking about issues from his childhood....
Signs of Major Depression Subtypes: Anxious Distress

Signs of Major Depression Subtypes: Anxious Distress

It’s no secret that Anxiety conditions and Depression co-occur. In fact, most researchers agree they co-occur at least 60% of the time. They’re so interrelated that most antidepressants are also...
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A Song For When You Feel Alone

Here in Houston, Texas, where my flock and I live, we as a city haven’t done very well at staying home during the coronavirus outbreak. Just when the whole rest of the country (and world) was starting to open back up again –...
Podcast: Debating ‘Anti-Psychiatry’ Advocacy

Podcast: Debating ‘Anti-Psychiatry’ Advocacy

  What is the “anti-psychiatry” movement? In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Gabe and Lisa get to the bottom of this mentality and debate the reasons and end-goals of people who...
Nitrous Oxide for PTSD?

Nitrous Oxide for PTSD?

A new pilot study gives an early glimpse into how veterans who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may benefit from one simple, inexpensive treatment involving nitrous oxide, commonly...