Inside Schizophrenia is a captivating monthly podcast that offers a distinctive glimpse into life through the eyes of individuals grappling with schizophrenia and psychosis.

Hosted by Rachel Star Withers, who lives with schizophrenia, and Gabe Howard, each episode features engaging conversations and insightful interviews covering a wide range of topics including stigma, caregiving, family dynamics, employment, incarceration, homelessness, violence, treatments, and getting help for schizophrenia. The podcast brings firsthand experiences from individuals with schizophrenia, family members, caregivers, and medical experts, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of schizophrenia, shed light on its impact, and develop strategies for managing this serious mental illness.

New episodes are released on the third Wednesday of every month, available here or on your favorite podcast player.

Technology and Managing Schizophrenia

We review the top 4 schizophrenia-related smartphone apps and explore what’s holding technology innovations back in the area of schizophrenia treatment. CNET senior editor, Alison DeNisco Rayome, who leads the series Tech For A Better World, joins to highlight recent advancements in the realm of technology evolution for people with disabilities.

The Role Psychologists and Psychiatrists Play In Treating Schizophrenia

A psychologist and psychiatrist are both mental health professionals who can treat schizophrenia. But what’s the difference? Both specialities are commonly referred to as doctors and confusion often results. Today’s episode tackles the differences and touches on what a person visiting with each professional can expect.

Traveling with Schizophrenia

Flight delays, crowded airports, hotel reservations, jet lag… Travel is stressful for everyone, but especially people with schizophrenia. Host Rachel Star Withers and co-host Gabe Howard discuss the risks and rewards of traveling while having a serious mental health condition. Laura Motta, editorial director of Lonely Planet, joins to share some tips about staying safe while traveling — and some cool destination ideas.

Transitioning Out of Pandemic Mode

We’ve all been through a lot in the past year. The global pandemic has been rough on everyone, and those living with schizophrenia have had some unique challenges. But necessity is the mother of invention, and all the chaos has led to some innovative solutions. Join us as Rachel and Gabe discuss some of the silver linings of COVID-19 and how we can all move forward in a mentally healthy way.

Unpacking the Stigma of Schizophrenia

Guest Brandon Kohrt, MD, PhD, a psychiatrist and anthropologist joins to discuss stigma surrounding mental illness around the world and ways different countries have approached solutions. Host Rachel Star Withers, a diagnosed schizophrenic, and co-host Gabe Howard, explore the stigma of mental illness and share their personal experiences.

Psychiatric Service Dogs for Schizophrenia

A psychiatric service dog is a type of service dog trained to assist its handler with a psychiatric condition such as schizophrenia. These service animals can be trained to help people with schizophrenia identify hallucinations, ground them back in reality, and even remind them to take their medication.

Homelessness – a Symptom of Schizophrenia

Isolation is a symptom of schizophrenia. Being homeless is isolating yourself from society, which is the extreme manifestation of the mental health condition. Host Rachel Star Withers and cohost Gabe Howard explore how delusions, isolation, and hallucinations can lead to homelessness. Guest Bethany Yeiser shares her 4-year experience being homeless due to her schizophrenia. Listen Now!

Schizophrenia and Incarceration

The U.S. correctional system is responsible for having 10 times the number of mentally ill patients receiving treatment than any state psychiatric hospital. People with serious mental disorders are 4 times more likely to be incarcerated for minor charges, such as disorderly conduct. Inmates with schizophrenia also remain in prison longer than others. Host Rachel Star Withers and cohost Gabe Howard examine the effect prison has on people with schizophrenia.

Schizoaffective Disorder vs. Schizophrenia

What are the differences between schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia? While they both share the prefix “schizo,” they’re two separate diagnoses.