Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental condition that can affect how you think, process emotions, and respond to your environment. Though ADHD is commonly diagnosed in children and teens, it can be diagnosed in adults, too.

Not everyone has the same ADHD symptoms or experiences them in the same way. In some instances, symptoms may not be as intense, while you could also experience “bad ADHD days” for many reasons.

ADHD can look different for everyone. For example, symptoms of ADHD in children might look and feel different than in adults.

Your symptoms will also depend on the type of ADHD you have. The major symptoms of ADHD include inattention and hyperactivity or impulsivity. But showing these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you or your child has ADHD.

This short, free ADHD test is meant for anyone who thinks they may benefit from an evaluation for ADHD.

The statements in this quiz can help you figure out whether you might need the support of a mental health professional for the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

A therapist or psychiatrist can also help you determine if your issues may be a symptom of a different mental health condition and recommend a treatment plan if necessary.

This online screening is not a definitive tool. It will not guarantee that you may be diagnosed with ADHD.

You can, however, use this test as a self-screening tool to track your symptoms. It also might show your doctor how your behavior has changed from one visit to the next.

Only a trained medical professional, such as a doctor or mental health professional, can help you determine the next best steps for you.


Simply answer the questions on how you have behaved and felt during the past 6 months. Take your time and answer truthfully for the most accurate results.

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This quiz can’t replace a clinical diagnosis. If you believe you might have ADHD or another condition after taking this test, consider reaching out to a qualified professional about your symptoms.

How do you get tested for ADHD?

Psychological tests are available to help mental health professionals diagnose your condition. ADHD is typically diagnosed after spending a few sessions with a health professional.

What are the 9 symptoms of ADHD?

It’s important to note that there are more than 9 symptoms of ADHD, and symptoms can differ from person to person. But common symptoms may include:

  • fidgeting or restlessness
  • difficulty managing time and prioritizing tasks
  • impulsive behavior
  • difficulty focusing on one activity at a time
  • forgetfulness
  • frequently losing or misplacing items
  • easily distracted
  • impatience or seeking immediate gratification
  • having a hard time focusing on a conversation

To learn more about ADHD symptoms consider visiting Psych Central’s resource page for a more extensive list.

Do people with ADHD lead normal lives?

Yes. If you’re diagnosed with ADHD treatment options are available to help reduce your symptoms and improve your daily life.

You may also consider practicing coping techniques, such as mindfulness or eating a balanced diet, to help you manage symptoms of ADHD.

Do you self diagnose ADHD?

No. Only a healthcare or mental health professional can accurately diagnose a mental health condition.

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