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Kicking Toxic Love

The last man that used the words “I love you” used them to control me. 

He used them by not saying it back, ever, when I said it. 
He used them by smugly making me say it when...


How Social Anxiety Is Killing Your Cells and Why the Internet Can Help

Just over 19 percent of US adults experienced an anxiety disorder at some point last year (that figure jumps to nearly a quarter when looking at US women in particular) and over 12 percent of people suffer from social anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. So needless to say, quite a few present readers are about to get some bad news: it’s not just your retinue or lack thereof that’s feeling...


How a Yogic Lifestyle Can Enhance Your Mood and Reduce Anxiety

More than 16 million cases of depression occur each year in the United States. Depression is scientifically linked to having lowered levels of serotonin, one of the primary chemicals produced in the brain that affects our happiness. A regular yoga practice is known to increase serotonin. Imagine that? One in six Americans take some form of medication to help reduce depression or anxiety, myself included. Yet something as holistic as yoga can raise serotonin similarly to how antidepressants can. I'm pro-medication...


Here’s What Your Posture Says about You: Why Your Body Habits Are Your First Impression

Most people don’t think about their posture when communicating with others, yet the way you balance yourself through life speaks volumes about who you are. The amount of tension you hold in your body translates into how well you manage your thoughts, actions and reactions. Your posture is the first snapshot people see when they meet you for the first time.

Take a moment to think about someone that you know who moves with...


Overcoming Savior Behavior

As a therapist working with clients who express having codependent tendencies, as well as being a recovering Type A workaholic and codependent who entered treatment in 1993, I am well aware of the dynamic of "savior behavior." I attempted to fix, heal and kiss all the boo-boos of the people in my life to make them all better. I had a mother who modeled that for me and did it so well.

Children and Teens

Lessons for the Teacher

I’ve been teaching writing for almost 35 years now.  They say the teacher sometimes learns more than her students.  

So what are some of the things have I learned over the past three plus decades about writing, college kids and life,...

Healthy Living

The Need for Group Support After Major Surgery

I am one-year post op from a life altering spine surgery -- actually three of them. Prior to surgery, my doctor told me that this would be life-altering and he was right. It has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, challenges and victories. I am incredibly grateful that I have had a good recovery and a positive result. I can swim a 5K and can...

Borderline Personality

On Mental Health Stigma

One thing I shared with my wife Rachel about a year into our relationship was the time I suffered a nervous breakdown in graduate school. It would be an important moment in any relationship because I shared the time in my life...