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Collaborating with My Doctors to Treat Schizoaffective Disorder

The patient/doctor relationship has to be one of  honesty and insight. I have to be honest with my doctors and tell them what is going on. If I am honest, I have nothing to hide. I know my doctors are here to help me and not to hurt me, so being honest with them about what is going on in my life, as well as what symptoms I am experiencing, will...


What is Trauma Therapy Like? Part 1: Less Talking and More Doing

Freud called psychoanalysis the third impossible profession (the other two being education and government). It may be as valid to say that psychotherapy is another impossible profession. Many therapists desire to master several of the countless therapeutic modalities available today in their endless pursuit to feel more adept at offering hope, especially to the large number of individuals looking to alleviate the despair rooted in the experience of traumatization. Trauma therapy requires mastering several...


Moving Beyond the Anxiety and Perfectionism Feedback Loop

Forget everything you thought you knew about anxiety and perfectionism. Here’s an inside look at what actually works.

We all feel the need to be accepted, to fit in, feel loved, and that we matter to someone or something. 

As someone who struggles with anxiety myself, I understand how hard it is to combat the anxiety feedback loop. As a psychologist who has worked with this material for nearly a decade, I supposedly know...


Coping with Voices

Like a lot of people with schizophrenia, I hear voices. I fully understand that these voices are one of the symptoms of my schizoaffective brain disease. Usually I hear these voices when I am alone. I hear voices throughout the day, even...


Choice and Change: How Much Freedom Do We Have?

One of the benefits of adulthood is the opportunity to make choices. Children often bemoan the lack of control they have over their lives. Parents, teachers, coaches, clergy, police, even strangers they encounter tell them what to do on a daily basis...


7 Ways to Manage Your Emotions, Improve Your Mood, and Step Back from the Ledge

The longer I have been providing therapy, the more I’m convinced that, along with acquiring the skills to walk and talk, a basic task of being human is to learn to manage our emotions. Sometimes, the ways that we regulate our feelings are helpful, while other times the way we manage them can be harmful to ourselves and others.

How We Learn to Manage our Emotions (Self-Regulate) 

As a baby, your caregivers were charged with providing comfort when you were teething, hungry, or needed...

Borderline Personality

How PTSD, cPTSD and BPD Can Impact Relationships

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is defined as a fear-based disorder with several features necessary for a formal diagnosis which include: avoidance behaviors, re-experiencing, increased arousal and negative affect and/or cognition.1 Avoidance behaviors may include avoiding people, places or situations that...