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Anorexia in Limbo

When I was sixteen years old, I met every requirement in the DSM-IV criteria for Anorexia Nervosa. My Body Mass Index (BMI) hovered just below , I was obsessed with counting calories and becoming skinnier, I was terrified of gaining even a single pound of weight, and I lost my period for longer than three consecutive cycles. My iron and ferritin levels fell below normal and I was tired all of the time....


Have Your Habits Changed in Quarantine?

As we continue in this historic, record breaking moment in time, I notice that I have created new habits and deepened others. At the onset, nine weeks ago, I was focusing on the novelty of what lay before me, not having a...


Are You Dating a Narcissist?

You won’t realize you’re dating a narcissist. Narcissists are skilled at making people like them. They can be very alluring and charming and exciting to date. In fact, in one study, it took seven meetings for people to see through their likable...


Technology Boundaries for Children and Teens

When people think about boundaries in families, they often think about family members knocking on a closed door, or what type of information should be shared between parents and children or teens. Boundaries with technology are often overlooked.

For years, parents...


Re-Build Your Brain: An Interview with Dr. Daniel Amen

Typically, the mental wellness field views DSM diagnoses as behavioral or biochemical in orientation and the treatment is generally a combination of talk therapy and psychotropic medications. Dr. Daniel Amen adds another layer to the mix. His experience informs his perspective that the ways in which our brains function play a role in behavior, addiction, anger, cognitive decline, and learning challenges. His approach destigmatizes these conditions since when viewed as a brain disorder...

Personal Stories

Resilient Like a Rubber Ball: How Will You Bounce Back?

As the world faces one of the most devastating diseases and the temporary remedy to keep it from spreading -- quarantine, incidents of depression, anxiety and PTSD are on the upswing. Personal health and that of family and friends are at the top of most people’s lists of concerns. Financial instability, job loss, closing businesses, major change in activities, home schooling children, transitioning to working from home, are the practical considerations we are...


Strong-Willed or Willful?

Strong-willed people are successful, yet those who are willful often sabotage their success. Willful individuals can be fiercely stubborn in their opinions and pursuit of their goals, ignoring what other people think and need. They often fiercely force their will despite obstacles...


Self-Care During a Global Health Crisis

During the life-saving restrictions of lockdown, how can we adapt our usual self-care practices to work with this daunting challenge we all face, or invest time into looking after our mind and body when this is unfamiliar to us? It might seem...