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Tips for Social Anxiety Sufferers

Do you usually feel apprehensive around others due to fear of possible embarrassment? Do you develop sweaty palms, shaky legs or feel you have butterflies in your stomach when called up to speak before an audience? Do you feel others are constantly...


What Bipolar II Disorder Really Looks & Feels Like

Bipolar II disorder is a less severe version of bipolar I disorder.

That’s likely an assumption you’ve already come across. Maybe you read it in an article. Maybe you heard it from someone else, maybe even a mental health professional. Author Julie Kraft has...


Surprising Research on Cannabis

Much of what we think we know about cannabis may soon change as a result of new research that uncovers some surprising facts. Indeed, the topic, which can be emotionally charged, is the focus of intense scientific study. Is cannabis good for...


Why We Believe Fake News

Denial is serious. It’s a refusal to acknowledge truth or reality. Sometimes, it has benefits, but it can also be our undoing and can have life-threatening consequences. Denial is particularly dangerous on a group level. We see this in sub-cultures, religion, and...


Book Review: The Five Hurdles To Happiness

"Amid patterns 'large' (addiction, abusiveness, hateful violence, self-injury, self-loathing, and abject despair) and patterns 'small' (relationship struggles, reactive parenting, career burnout and dead ends, edginess and angst with loved ones), we all pass our days largely on autopilot, sheepishly enslaved to old scripts of...


Depression Hotline Numbers

Depression isn't just feeling down or sad for a few days in a row. Major depressive disorder is when a person feels like there is no hope, their mood is filled with sadness and emptiness, and there's nothing anyone can do to help them....


Book Review: Owning Bipolar

The subtitle of Michael Pipich's new book, Owning Bipolar: How Patients and Families Can Take Control of Bipolar Disorder, should be enough for those with bipolar disorder and their family members to want to pick up this book and embrace it. Bipolar disorder takes...

Book Reviews

Book Review: How Behavior Spreads

It has become a cliché to say that something has "gone viral,” and hardly a day (or a newscast) goes by that I don’t hear that tired phrase at least once. Beyond popular memes, just what is the science of how behaviors spread? Do...


Why Lavender is Good for Your Health

“I put a drop of lavender essential oil on my pillow before I go to sleep.” – Melissa Joan Hart
I’ve always loved the scent of lavender. Although I can’t pinpoint when this began, I recall fields of wild lavender near...


The Worst, Most Persistent Myths about OCD

This is what most people think obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) looks like: washing your hands excessively because you’re a germaphobe.

Sometimes, people think it’s also needing to have a neat, orderly home, and checking to see if you locked the door way too many times.

And while...


The Psychology of Fashion

Your fashion style can determine if you ace that interview and get that dream job. Once you are on the job, your wardrobe can determine if you get more responsibility and get promoted. Your clothing choices can make or break your career,...