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Narcissists and Abusers Use This to Target Empaths

Projection is a defense mechanism commonly used by abusers, including people with narcissistic or borderline personality disorder and addicts. Basically, they say, “It’s not me, it’s you!”

When we project, we’re defending ourselves against unconscious impulses or traits, either positive or negative, that we’ve denied...


What Psychotic Episodes Really Look and Feel Like

When we hear someone is psychotic, we automatically think of psychopaths and cold-blooded criminals. We automatically think “Oh wow, they’re really crazy!” And we automatically think of plenty of other myths and misconceptions that only further the stigma surrounding psychosis.

In other words, the reality...


When Decluttering Feels Daunting

You walk into your home, or maybe into a certain room. You look around, scanning the entire space, and suddenly feel so heavy. You feel tense and tired. You feel powerless and helpless. You feel disappointed in yourself.

Your eyes immediately zero in on the...

Book Reviews

Book Review: EMDR Therapy & Somatic Psychology

Many therapists and trainees will be familiar with the terms “somatic psychology” and “EMDR therapy,” and there have been many authors who have tried to write a book that encapsulates both of these topics succinctly, but in my opinion, none have succeeded in quite...


What Everyone Needs to Know About Bipolar Disorder

Nine years ago, Julie Kraft’s doctor uttered the words, “you have bipolar II disorder.” Immediately, images of unhinged film characters, sensationalist tabloid headlines and shocking news stories flooded her mind.

All these things are now associated with me, she thought.

Kraft felt embarrassed, ashamed, sad—and afraid....

Book Reviews

Book Review: Aggression in Play Therapy

How do we handle aggression and anger in children? It is a question that has evaded parents, teachers, and child therapists alike.

Often when faced with aggressive behaviors, caregivers tend to focus solely on those behaviors and miss the important messages -- and even adaptive...