Looking for more resources, articles, and ideas to help you cope with the anxiety, fear and stress of dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Your mental health is important to look out after as you follow stay-at-home orders, or are just experiencing more anxiety or fear than usual due to the coronavirus outbreak. You’re not alone. Most people are experiencing some type of increased mental health issue due to the pandemic. It’s very important during this time to take care of your needs. Not just your physical needs (like ensuring you’re well-stocked up on groceries and food), but also your emotional and psychological needs.

There is no time like the present to look out after your mental health and that of your loved ones. Psych Central has developed dozens of articles to help you during this time. You may want to start with our primary Coronavirus Coping With Your Mental Health Guide. That guide highlights are most popular articles discussing ways of coping with the anxiety that so many people are experiencing.

You can also explore the below library of resources and articles to help you maintain and improve your mental health. Stay well — keep your physical distance from others, wear a mask while out in public, and wash your hands regularly, especially after coming into contact with anything outside of your house.

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