In my previous article, I discussed coping strategies for hallucinations. In this article, I will describe the coping skills used to handle the delusions with Schizophrenia.


According to, distraction is the first coping skill to handle delusions with Schizophrenia. Like experiencing hallucinations, when you are experiencing delusions distract yourself from the delusions. Do not fixate on them. Distract yourself from them. Focus on something else. Watch a television show or listen to music. In simple terms, gear your attention away from the delusions.

Ask For Help

In addition to distracting yourself from the delusions, according ask for help if you are experiencing delusions. Sometimes talking to a friend or family member about your delusions can be helpful. In addition, according to, if you seek help from a licensed provider consider cognitive therapy.

Control Your Surroundings

In addition to distracting yourself from the delusions and asking for help from a friend or family member or even a licensed provider, according to consider controlling your surroundings when you experience delusions. If you experience delusions all the time in a certain area of your home, consider changing rooms. In addition, if you continue to experience delusions in the same public place all the time, avoid that public place. Experiment. Try going to another public place until you do not experience delusions.


In addition to distracting yourself from the delusions, asking for help, and controlling your surroundings, according consider exercising when you are experiencing delusions. You do not have to do strenuous activity like a marathon. However, start slow. Go for a 20 minute walk outside to distract yourself from the delusions. If you do not want to exercise outside, consider stretching or doing yoga in your room or living room. Either way distract yourself from the delusions. And more importantly, keep moving.


To end this article, four coping strategies have been mentioned for individuals with Schizophrenia. They include distracting oneself from the delusions, asking for help from family or friends or a licensed professional, controlling your surroundings, in addition to exercising. On an important note, if you have Schizophrenia and are experiencing delusions always keep moving. If that is exercising great. You can engage in any form of exercise that keeps you moving. Better yet, do your chores around the house. This will keep you distracted and focused away from the delusions and on your task.n