Not Crazy

Hosted by Gabe Howard & Lisa Kiner

People worry they are going crazy, not about the "state of their mental health." Featuring a guy with bipolar disorder and his ex-wife, Not Crazy is the mental health podcast for people who hate mental health podcasts.

Not Crazy is hosted by Gabe Howard and is produced and co-hosted by Lisa Kiner. Learn more about them here. New episodes available every Tuesday on your favorite podcast player.

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Episodes of Not Crazy


Dear Newly Diagnosed: What We Wish We Knew

In today’s show, Gabe discusses what he could have done differently as a newly diagnosed bipolar patient that may have made his life a little easier. He and Lisa also discuss some common pitfalls a new patient may run into.

For example, what’s the problem when patients are told they need to be med-compliant at all costs? Should you be open at work about your illness? Join us to hear Gabe's experiences and learn from his rookie mistakes (which actually ended up working out in the end anyway).


Understanding a Dysfunctional Childhood

Let’s discuss the nuances of dysfunctional parenting. In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Gabe recalls the relationship he had with his parents when he was young. As a teen, he thought his parents were being overly harsh, but now he sees they were trying to punish symptoms of his undiagnosed bipolar disorder -- and were doing the best they could.

Join us for a great discussion on how the parent-child dynamic can go wrong when undiagnosed mental illness is involved.


Podcast: Is Happiness a Choice?

Are you sad? Just be happy! Does this irritate you? In today’s show, Gabe and Lisa ponder whether happiness really is a choice -- especially for people who struggle with mental illness. How do we measure happiness? And what is happiness inflation?

Join us for an in-depth conversation on whether or not people can actually choose happiness.


Podcast: Can Mental Patients Also Be Experts?

Who do you think understands more about bipolar disorder: a psychiatrist or a patient with the illness? In this Not Crazy podcast, we discuss whether a patient can be considered a mental health expert without all the credentials after their name. Today we invite writer and bipolar advocate Natasha Tracy -- who also has bipolar disorder -- to the show to give her opinion.


What is (and Do You Have) Imposter Syndrome?

Do you have a constant feeling of self doubt or fraudulence despite evidence to the contrary? You may have a very common condition: Imposter syndrome. In today’s Not Crazy podcast, we discuss what this syndrome is and why so many people feel like they are swindling others with their personal success.

What is the difference between imposter syndrome and negative self-talk? And how can we start thinking more positively about ourselves? Join us for a great discussion. Click on the player below to listen now!


Podcast: Is Police (CIT) Crises Training Needed?

A mentally ill man is standing in your yard yelling at the mailbox. What do you do? You call the police, right? Not so fast, according to today’s guest, mental health advocate Gabriel Nathan. There is a better way to do things. Gabriel believes that rather than training police officers to de-escalate people in mental health crises, the police shouldn’t be called at all in these situations.


Podcast: Medical Model Errors and Omissions in Treating Mental Illness

From lobotomies to pharmaceutical advertising to forced treatment, let’s discuss some of the more taboo topics in the history of psychiatry. While some of these approaches are obviously terrible (especially in hindsight) others are in the gray area. Should pharmaceutical companies be able to advertise directly to the patient? Is it OK to force psychiatric treatment in certain cases?

What do you think? Tune in to today’s Not Crazy episode for a great discussion on the more controversial topics in the field of psychiatry.


Podcast: Negative Self-Talk and Pessimism

“You’re so stupid. That was the dumbest thing anyone has ever done.” You probably wouldn’t ever say this to a loved one -- but would you say it to yourself? What’s your self-talk like?  And why does it matter?

In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Gabe and Lisa break down their own experiences with negative self-talk and why they do it. And while Gabe believes in re-framing his thoughts to be more positive, Lisa thinks there may be some benefits to not always looking for the silver lining. What do you think?


Podcast: My Husband Has Psychosis

What does psychosis feel like? What’s the difference between a delusion that demons exist and a religious belief of the same? In today’s show, Gabe and Lisa recall Gabe’s real-life psychotic episodes and discuss all the pain and stress surrounding psychosis.

Join us as Gabe shares how it felt when there were demons under his bed and when the window washers were watching his every move.


Podcast: Self-Help Cliches Have a Peculiar Value

Take the bull by the horns! Pick yourself up by your bootstraps! Are these cliches condescending for people with mental illness? Or is there a grain of truth to them? Today, Gabe and Lisa debate the pros and cons of the all too common “taking your life back” advice we all get from well-meaning people. Gabe shares his personal story of gaining back control of his life a day at a time while healing from depression.

Binge Eating

Podcast: Life with Binge Eating Disorder

At one point, Gabe weighed more than 550 pounds. Today, he and Lisa remember and discuss the extreme pain and slow healing process of living with binge-eating disorder. Gabe shares his shame in being so overweight, his intense relationship with food, the story of his gastric bypass and the difficult process of learning new coping mechanisms.