Dear Reader,

It’s been a tough few weeks, and I was at a loss for what to write about because I have been too depressed to feel creative. But then as I caught up on emails, I noticed how important it is for those of us suffering to know that others share our struggles. Not that others suffer, that part is heartbreaking. But when you suffer from disorder and if you’ve suffered a trauma, you can feel completely alone, and the support of knowing others get it get you is sometimes the first step toward healing.

Even though we have to work through the pain every day, sometimes knowing there are others like us out there working through their pain, learning how to heal allows for the connection we all need. The connection we don’t always feel. Because the unfortunate truth is, no one gets it unless they live it too. So even though the darkness can be thick, know that you are not alone in your search for the light. I’m here too. We are in this together.

I recently shared with one of my readers some things that have been life-saving for me. I hope they prove to be helpful to you too (you can find additional details by clicking on the links).

8 Tips for Healing

  1. Working with a psychotherapist to help re-frame unhealthy thoughts.
  2. Getting craniosacral therapy, taking bathsandgetting massages to relieve the tension. Also, moving especially when stiff. Even if it’s just stretching or doing household chores.
  3. Identifying triggers by writing them down. I’ve noticed that being mindful of what causes me to be inafight-or-flight state or to dissociate before it happens is starting to make me aware of it when it ishappening (and sometimes even before).
  4. Getting craniosacral therapy to regulate the nervous system.
  5. Having aself-care routineand/or a sensory diet.
  6. Practicing mindfulness: meditating, doing yoga, writing, etc.
  7. Being playful.
  8. Finding resources that speak to you to help you learn about trauma, disorder and healing.

Remember to do the things that bring you joy, to make yourself laugh especially when things feel the hardest, and to know you have light and love coming your way to give you the strength to heal.

All My Best,

Jenna Grace

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