How do you feel about masks? (Metaphorical or literal you may wonder.) Talking literally in a pandemic.

Masks are only effective if you know how to properly use and dispose of them in combination with frequent hand cleaning.

Frequent hand washing is essential protection during this Covid-19 pandemic. How often do you wash your hands? It is hard learning to avoid touching my face, though. Glasses and sunglasses help me avoid touching or rubbing my eyes.

For me and my family, we prefer to be on the safe side. Nor do we want to endanger anyone. Though we are not sick with Covid-19, we wear masks in certain settings, for example, when out in public spaces as a “common courtesy” during this pandemic.

From my point of view, if I can modify my behavior and not just think about what is good for me short-term, but take into consideration what may be good for my fellow human(s) long-term, it makes me feel good about social distancing and avoiding or sacrificing certain activities for the greater good.

Mostly, we stay at home and limit our outings to essentials. Nor do we visit in person elderly relatives who are at risk for any type of health complication.

Instructions on mask usage.

Stay Well Reader: please wash your hands and consider when/if wearing a mask is appropriate for your longevity and circumstances.