Sex addiction is a term thats becoming more and more prevalent in all aspects of the addiction community. This is particularly true as we discover more about the addiction interaction disorder of stimulants and sex. A spirited debate as to whether theres even such a thing as sexual addiction has been developing for some time now. People cant be addicted to sex its just what people do is often heard, while on the other hand, there are people that apply the same definition of addiction to alcohol and/or drugs to that of sex.

Theres no way to deny that someone who has difficulty controlling their sexual urges, behaviors and/or thoughts will see a progression of their symptoms leading to negative consequences in their lives. For sex addicts, there are levels to the severity of the addiction and these are a good indication of the type of treatment that is needed. There are three levels of sex addiction.

Level One:

Some of the behaviors listed may exist in someone without a sex addiction, but when acted upon compulsively, is considered level one of sex addiction.

Theres no doubt that these can be devastating when done compulsively.

  • Chronic Masturbation
  • Affairs, chronic infidelity, love and romance addiction
  • Sexual relationships with multiple partners
  • Pornography use and collection (with or without masturbation)
  • Phone sex, cybersex
  • Anonymous sex
  • Going to strip clubs

Level Two:

A common theme among these behaviors listed are that of someone being victimized.

There are also legal consequences to these actions which is a primary difference between Level One and Level Two behaviors.

  • Prostitution
  • Public sex bathrooms, parks, etc.
  • Voyeurism online or live
  • Exhibitionism
  • Frotteurism
  • Stalking behaviors
  • Sexual harassment

Level Three:

These are behaviors in which there are significant boundary violations culturally and legally.

  • Rape
  • Child molestation
  • Obtaining/viewing child pornography
  • Obtaining/viewing rape/snuff pornography
  • Sexual abuse of older or dependent persons
  • Incest
  • Professional boundary violations (clergy, therapists, teachers, doctors)