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Environmental Effects on the Mind and Body: Depression Relief

Nature is an important aspect of our daily lives that is too often taken for granted. Now, in our technologically-driven society, we are often shut away from nature, and the times that we are out in nature, we are unable to appreciate it in its entire splendor. It is hard to truly separate yourself from the rest of the world, considering we are always “on”, but the effects of doing so prove beneficial to your general well-being and emotional clarity.

"[We] are all a part of nature. We are born in nature; our bodies are formed of nature; we live by the rules of nature,” writes Wesley P. Schultz, PhD, professor of psychology at California State University San Marcos. Why then, are we so avoidant of nature? Schultz explains that historically, it was necessary for us to be in nature -- we hunted, lived, socialized and traveled in nature. As we progressed and became more technologically advanced we became more shut in -- living, socializing, and traveling predominantly in man-made environments (Schultz, 2002).
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Best of Our Blogs: May 21, 2019

Do you ever feel like you always have to be on? You have to say the "right," thing, act the "right way," be witty, funny, but not too yourself.

If you have chronic illness, you might struggle to appear normal. You don't want to stick out at work or be the anxious or troubled one amongst friends. You don't want to be passed up for a promotion because of it or judged differently by acquaintances.

But all that hiding is tiring. At some point we either risk who we are or we lose ourselves.

That's why a sense of community is important. If it's unsafe to be yourself at work or with family, you can hang with friends who don't care about your insecurities, but do care that you take care of yourself. Even if this means you leave early at events because you're easily overwhelmed, take medication, see a therapist and don't talk to your toxic relatives. They get it because they get you.

If we're lucky, we have a lot of these people around. Sometimes we find them online. Whether you find them on our forums, Facebook or other groups like The Mighty, where is not as important as who we connect with.

5 Ways to Help Your Partner Feel More Secure in the Relationship

If your partner seems needy, there's a major reason for it.

Loving someone with an ambivalent attachment style can be difficult, which is why you'll need some solid relationship advice for how to handle it.

In any relationship, one partner may require more attention and be "needier" than the other partner is. However, this neediness may actually stem from a deep-rooted pain and your partner's inability to express their needs properly due to your differing attachment styles.
Brain and Behavior

5 Tips for Dealing with Guilt

Guilt has an incredible way of popping up even when we're barely doing anything at all.

Most of us learn guilt throughout normal childhood development. Guilt clues us in when we've stepped outside the boundaries of our core values. It makes us take responsibility when we've done something wrong and helps us to develop a greater sense of self-awareness. The feeling of guilt forces us to examine how our behavior affects others and make changes so that we don't make the same mistake again.

How can we learn to deal with guilt -- accepting it when it is appropriate and letting it go when it's unnecessary?
Psychology Around the Net

Psychology Around the Net: May 18, 2019

Could establishing a stronger life purpose help you maintain a healthier lifestyle? Which mental health concern is your state most interested in (and does it apply to you)? What's the difference between healthy and dangerous narcissism and what's the best way to deal with a narcissist?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in this week's Psychology Around the Net!
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Sign our Letter to the G7 Today to Make a Difference for Youth Mental Health

Join Us: #ChangeDirection

Want to make a difference in youth mental health? Sign on now to drive global collective action for youth mental health, as we petition G7 Leaders to make mental health a priority. 

Help us get the word out. Share this with your friends and encourage them to join us in solidarity to demand action now by world leaders. Show the extent of the passion around the world for youth mental health. We must shine a light on the widespread but often “invisible” social and economic costs of mental illness, uniting mental health efforts around the world to mobilize political leadership.
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Best of Our Blogs: May 17, 2019

How do you end something that's not serving you? It's one thing to get rid of a toxic relationship or the unhealthy workplace. But how do you let go of the good things in your life?

Maybe you don't have the bandwidth for that new opportunity or relationship. Saying, "No," seems terrifying because you don't want to miss something special.

Then again, if saying, "Yes," to others means saying, "No," to yourself, you'll be missing out on something greater than opportunity. You will be neglecting and betraying yourself.

As we head into the weekend, take time to reflect on what areas of your life have overstayed their welcome. One of our top posts on knowing what you can and can't control should help.