World of Psychology

Anxiety and Panic

Podcast: How to Mentally Prepare for Anything

What’s the worst that could happen? And who will you still be regardless of the outcome? In today’s podcast, Gabe talks with author Shira Gura about her newest method CLEAR, a tool we can all use to prepare for an upcoming event or situation that is causing anxiety. 
Worried about an upcoming exam, a date, or a party where you won’t know anyone? Join us to learn a great method to help CLEAR your head before you go.

Brain and Behavior

Caregiving for Schizophrenia

A third of all people will be a caregiver at some point in their lives. Caregiving for people with schizophrenia presents challenges that many people are ill-prepared for.
Host Rachel Star breaks down the principles of caregiving and creative ways to navigate schizophrenia.
Dr. Sarah Kopelovich joins to share schizophrenia caregiver specific training.

Dear Newly Diagnosed: What We Wish We Knew

In today’s show, Gabe discusses what he could have done differently as a newly diagnosed bipolar patient that may have made his life a little easier. He and Lisa also discuss some common pitfalls a new patient may run into.

For example, what’s the problem when patients are told they need to be med-compliant at all costs? Should you be open at work about your illness? Join us to hear Gabe's experiences and learn from his rookie mistakes (which actually ended up working out in the end anyway).


Podcast: Relationships and Rose-Colored Glasses

Do your feelings about a romantic relationship or your partner change significantly when it’s over? In today’s show, Gabe talks with researcher Aidan Smyth who conducted a study probing people’s feelings about their relationships -- both during the relationship and after it was over.
What’s your experience? Do you recall your ex with fondness, indifference or negativity? And which of these emotions are best for moving on? Join us to hear the science behind feelings in romantic relationships.


Understanding a Dysfunctional Childhood

Let’s discuss the nuances of dysfunctional parenting. In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Gabe recalls the relationship he had with his parents when he was young. As a teen, he thought his parents were being overly harsh, but now he sees they were trying to punish symptoms of his undiagnosed bipolar disorder -- and were doing the best they could.

Join us for a great discussion on how the parent-child dynamic can go wrong when undiagnosed mental illness is involved.


Podcast: Large Family Beset by Schizophrenia

In today’s show, Gabe talks with Robert Kolker, author of the New York Times bestselling -- and Oprah's book club pick -- book Hidden Valley Road. This non-fiction biography is the true story of a mid-century American family besieged by schizophrenia. Of their 12 children, 6 struggled with the severe mental disorder. 
Join us for the incredible story of the family who became science's greatest hope in the quest to understand schizophrenia.


Podcast: Is Happiness a Choice?

Are you sad? Just be happy! Does this irritate you? In today’s show, Gabe and Lisa ponder whether happiness really is a choice -- especially for people who struggle with mental illness. How do we measure happiness? And what is happiness inflation?

Join us for an in-depth conversation on whether or not people can actually choose happiness.


Podcast: Is Single Life Mentally Unhealthy?

Is anyone single on purpose? In today’s podcast, Gabe talks with Bella DePaulo, Ph.D, a prominent thinker and author on the single life, who shatters myths about being single. She shares how many people thrive as a single person and feel their most empowered living the single life. In fact, single people often hold prominent positions in their communities.
If you assumed all single people were only single by default and are still looking for the “one,” tune in to hear a fresh new perspective.

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Podcast: Can Mental Patients Also Be Experts?

Who do you think understands more about bipolar disorder: a psychiatrist or a patient with the illness? In this Not Crazy podcast, we discuss whether a patient can be considered a mental health expert without all the credentials after their name. Today we invite writer and bipolar advocate Natasha Tracy -- who also has bipolar disorder -- to the show to give her opinion.

Ethics & Morality

Politics, Elections, and the Post-Truth Era

Let’s talk politics and lies. Why are they so rampant today? In today’s Psych Central Podcast, our host speaks with author and communications expert Tim Ward who explains why the truth matters so much -- especially regarding our elected officials. They discuss our cognitive biases, like the “halo” and “anchoring” effects, that can cause us to turn a blind eye and believe the lies we hear.
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