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Children and Teens

Coping with Re-Opening Schools During a Pandemic

There's no easy answer to the question of how and when to re-open schools during a pandemic. Most public health experts suggest schools should only open if the rate of new coronavirus cases is on the decline and contact testing and tracing is readily available.

But regardless of where your local school district or state ends up on the matter, you as a parent will have to deal with that decision. How do you cope with re-opening schools during a pandemic?


Podcast: Negative Self-Talk and Pessimism

“You’re so stupid. That was the dumbest thing anyone has ever done.” You probably wouldn’t ever say this to a loved one -- but would you say it to yourself? What’s your self-talk like?  And why does it matter?

In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Gabe and Lisa break down their own experiences with negative self-talk and why they do it. And while Gabe believes in reframing his thoughts to be more positive, Lisa thinks there may be some benefits to not always looking for the silver lining. What do you think?

Anxiety and Panic

6-Step Guide to Survive Pandemic-Related Distress

Distress is a culmination of an uncomfortable storm of emotions, judgments, resistance, and physical sensations. Depending on a person’s specific triggers, coping skills, brain, and self-understanding, the reaction to distress can range from mild and controlled, to an intense experience of dysregulation and trauma.

Triggers of distress come in all shapes and sizes. It can be personal or global, such as this pandemic. Currently, the pandemic is a universal trigger poking and scratching at old wounds, especially experiences that left us feeling powerless and helpless -- and it is creating new ones.
Marriage and Divorce

Simple Strategies for Handling COVID Togetherness Issues with Your Spouse

We are all  trying to find our way in the disorienting, strange new reality of the pandemic. In addition to having lost our own familiar pattern of daily life, getting along with our spouse or partner during “COVID togetherness” is  more complicated and challenging. When feeling -- or being -- constrained, it’s easier to get into struggles to defend our right to freedom and space. With risk in the equation, what used to be considered a basic personal choice has now become our spouse’s concern and a potential area of conflict. 
Mental Health America

The Toll Silence Takes on Mental Health in Marginalized Communities

Silence is complicity.

I am a Latina immigrant, and that identity colors my experience. It is through this lens that I see and experience the world. I am blessed because I have had people and opportunities that have helped me understand the world differently, to move beyond my worldview and expand it.

For Black people, their worldview is fraught with lessons and experiences that highlight that their lives do not matter. BUT they do.

Mental Health and Wellness

How COVID-19 Harms Our Mental Well-Being – And What to Do About It

It’s been months since America first learned of the potentially deadly virus we’ve come to know as COVID-19 or coronavirus. After months of stringent lockdown mandates and emerging in public once again only to have the coronavirus reappear in hotspots across the country as mask wearing and social distancing practices waned, it’s not looking good for a complete reopening of our nation.