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A Relationship Between Rehabilitation and Resentment

I’ve tried again and again to overcome feelings of isolation, self-loathing and disconnection from the world around me. I try to form friendships, and be a part of, with limited success and sometimes disastrous results.

It took several years of clean time in a 12-step program for me to fully appreciate how much resentment I had accumulated and why I continued my relationship with resentment. I remember the first time I heard the phrase “resentments are like drinking a cup of poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety and Your “What If Calculator”

Some universities provide a what if calculator” to help students project possible grades. It provides the percentage they need on each test to get their desired grade at the end of the course. Based on what they would like their final grade to be, they can decide how much work and effort to put into studying for their final exam.

If we all had a what if calculator to forecast our future, life would be so much easier!


Become More Likeable with This Psychology Trick

How many times have you heard the phrase “You are what you eat”? The idea behind this now-infamous diet mantra is that in order to be fit and healthy, you have to eat nutritious food. The take-home message? Your actions have direct ramifications for your body and your mind.
Now, consider this spin: “You are what you say.” Fair or not, what you communicate to others can lead others to make assumptions about your character -- a concept called 


Feeling Lost in Life: A Learning Opportunity

I am convinced that one of our missions in life is to learn what we need to become better versions of ourselves. That is why we find ourselves in situations we don’t have the tools to handle. When we don’t know what to do with the circumstances and the associated emotions, we are presented with a learning opportunity.

Many times, I’ve found myself in situations where I feel lost, not knowing what to do or where to start. They are mostly life changing situations, events that demand us to make life defining decisions, even though we don’t even understand what is really going on.


Psychology Around the Net: May 19, 2018

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

This week's Psychology Around the Net covers how a parent's mental health and parenting styles can affect the child's ability to maintain friendships, reactions to the second season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, why it's important CEO's share mental health challenges they faced climbing the success ladder, and more.

(Oh, and maaaaaaaybe a little something about a certain couple's wedding today!)

Exercise & Fitness

10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels Naturally

“You are responsible for the energy that you create for yourself, and you’re responsible for the energy that you bring to others.” – Oprah Winfrey

I’m all about doing what I can do in a better way. This includes taking proper care of my health and watching my energy levels throughout the day. There’s no denying that a busy lifestyle contributes to a drain on how much energy you feel you have, yet there are natural ways to boost your energy levels that are easy and relatively quick to do. After doing my research, I’ve discovered that science backs up the merits of the following 10 easy ways to increase your energy levels.

Anxiety and Panic

Women’s Empowerment: Validation Comes from Within

In my work as a clinical psychologist, I often observe successful and accomplished women struggling with issues surrounding feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. My patients, many of whom are young adults, often express unwarranted feelings of doubt and insecurity that conflict with reality. Common invalidating phrases that my clients regularly share include “I don’t know but…” or “I know this is silly but…”

Why do so many women feel the need to put themselves down and invalidate themselves? I’d like to examine this tendency and suggest some practical behavioral changes that will help develop new, more empowering habits.  

Best of Our Blogs

Best of Our Blogs: May 18, 2018

There's one thing you can do now to improve almost every area of your life. Strengthening your intuition, developing a strong inner knowing and then listening to it can help minimize relationship problems, foster better physical and emotional health and keep you from disastrous situations.

If you're struggling this week with your emotions, self-esteem, or your relationship, you'll benefit from a few moments of stillness. Tap into that inner voice. Listen. Then, read our posts to give you extra support and advice, and see which one seems fit for your situation.


Meeting Drug Users Where They’re At: US Safe Injection Sites Coming Soon

Amid piles of evidence that the “War On Drugs” approach did little to address Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Americans are beginning to signal that they’re ready to try something different.

This month, that signal for something different came in loud and clear from New York City, where Mayor Bill de Blasio championed a plan to open the nation’s first legal safe injection site for intravenous drug users (Neuman, 2018). While de Blasio’s endorsement made a splash in the new cycle, his city is not the only one to seriously consider the approach. Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver and Ithaca, New York are also making moves towards opening safe injection sites (Lopez, 2018).

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