World of Psychology


Podcast: Reframing Past Traumas

What is your life story? Do you feel like a victim of your circumstances? And if so, how does this affect your future? In today’s show, our guest James Sweigert, who struggled out of a traumatic childhood, shares how the power of his thoughts and the spoken word changed his life. 

Are you ready to make some edits to your life story? Tune in and James will help you go from your head to your heart so you can win the game.


Podcast: Depression Management Hints and Tips

Can a never-depressed person truly understand what your depression is like? Or give you advice? Probably not. It’s like getting parenting advice from a non-parent. In today’s show, our two depressed co-hosts, Gabe and Lisa, understand the pain of depression and are here to share their experiences and offer some helpful tips.

If you’re struggling with depression, tune in for a great discussion -- from two people who have been there and understand what you’re going through. By the end, you’ll know you’re not alone.


Podcast: Is Telehealth Effective?

In today’s COVID world, many mental health patients are finding themselves “forced” into seeing their doctors online rather than in person. But how effective is telehealth? What are the benefits and disadvantages? 
Today’s guest is psychiatrist Dr. Frank Chen, who thoroughly explains the whole new world of telemedicine and why it doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, many patients, including Gabe, have found it to be quite convenient!


Podcast: Birthdays, COVID, and Reframing (Oh My!)

It’s that time of year again! That’s right -- Gabe’s Annual Birthday Blog. Each year, Gabe looks back on the important events and lessons he’s encountered during the previous 12 months. But what events can he talk about when COVID came and stole the show? 

Join Gabe and Lisa as they discuss the Year of Coronavirus and the good and bad that came with it.


Podcast: Can Swearing Improve Mental Health?

Ouch! You stub your toe or burn your finger and a curse word comes flying out. It’s automatic -- and it probably makes you feel a little better. But have you ever considered specifically using curse words as a way to improve your mental health? That’s the idea behind our guest’s new book “Move On MF'er.”
In today’s show, we welcome psychologist and author Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt who explains how swearing can help us relieve the pain that overrides logic.


Podcast: Families and Holiday Survival

Is your family bad for your mental health? If so, how do you handle the holidays? In today’s show Gabe and Lisa reminisce about their family holidays together -- the good and the horrible -- and discuss how they currently curb controversial topics at the table.

Join us for a bad trip down memory lane which leads to a whole lot of bickering and laughter.


Podcast: Understanding Emotional Abuse

What are the signs of emotional abuse? Can you be a victim or a perpetrator and not even know it? In today’s podcast, we welcome psychotherapist Beverly Engel who explains how emotional abuse can sometimes slide under the radar and may even be mistaken as care. In truth, it’s all about control.
Join us for a nuanced discussion on the many forms of emotional abuse and how to detect it.


Podcast: Reviewing Netflix’s Ratched

Have you seen the Netflix series Ratched? In today’s Not Crazy podcast, we discuss whether the show gives an accurate portrayal of 1940's mental illness treatments. And to help us out, we welcome Rachel Star Withers, the podcast host of Inside Schizophrenia and a person who lives with schizophrenia, to discuss her views of the show.


Therapist or Patient: Who’s in Charge?

Let’s talk about psychotherapy. Why hasn’t it changed much in the last century? And if a patient isn’t getting well, is it the fault of the patient, the therapist or the therapy itself? In today’s podcast, Gabe and psychologist Barry L. Duncan discuss the idea of holding therapists more accountable when the patient isn’t getting better.
Join us for a great discussion that sheds new light on how we should be treating mental health issues.