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Thank you for your interest in Psych Central. All email sent to us is always read, but may not be replied to. How to best reach the appropriate party at Psych Central?


Email Addresses

Mailing Address

Packages requiring a signature will be returned unopened to sender.


We do not answer personal queries or offer therapy by phone. All the information that we have about mental health and psychology issues is available on Psych Central. We’re sorry, but we do not provide personal consultations or advice. If you don’t leave us a message about the specific nature of your inquiry, we are also unlikely to return your call.

If you contact us by telephone for a community support issue, please leave us your username or email address that you are contacting us about. We cannot return phone calls regarding a community support issue without this information.

We do not accept electronic legal notices (except DMCA takedown requests). All legal notices and correspondence should be signed and addressed to the above address using your firm’s letterhead.

Additional Resources for Inquiries

If you are seeking mental health, psychological or relationship advice, we encourage you to use one of the many free resources we make available to our members: