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Amwell is a telehealth service that provides quick, low cost, and easily accessible on-demand medical help 24/7.

Medical issues can arise at any time — and that time is typically not Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Fevers, rashes, and itchy bug bites have a habit of popping up in the early morning hours, late at night, on weekends, and — of course — when you’re on vacation.

Oh! And during snowstorms and torrential downpours, too.

When road conditions, distance, a lack of transportation, a pandemic, or other reasons are keeping you from seeing a healthcare professional in person, a telehealth visit may be just what you need.

Amwell is a telehealth provider that connects people to board certified healthcare professionals 24 hours a day using your phone, tablet, or computer. There’s also an app you can download.

The secure system allows you to see a healthcare pro face to face without having to leave your home.

Medical professionals can look at you, listen to you, and help figure out the right course of treatment.

The service is also on-demand — which means you don’t have to schedule an appointment and can see someone right away or after a short wait in a virtual waiting room.

Appointments typically last about 10 minutes but can be longer if you need more time.

Types of treatment with Amwell

Physicians can conduct appointments with users via phone or the web. You can also get assistance from a variety of medical professionals offering services in the following areas:

  • breastfeeding
  • nutrition counseling
  • pediatrics
  • menopause care
  • pregnancy and postpartum care
  • psychiatry
  • urgent care

There are benefits and drawbacks to using just about every business and service — Amwell is no different.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of Amwell.

What’s great about Amwell?

Amwell offers a variety of conveniences, including:

  • 24/7 on-demand availability
  • treatments in a variety of medical areas, including breastfeeding support, pediatrics, menopause care, and psychiatric services
  • easy access via phone or web
  • cooperation with many insurance companies

What are the downsides of Amwell?

The Amwell platform does have a few drawbacks.

Doctors can’t:

  • order lab tests
  • deal with life-threatening conditions, such as head injury, possible broken bones, choking, gagging, dizziness, or loss of consciousness
  • write prescriptions for erectile dysfunction treatments or controlled substances that may cause substance use disorder

Signing up for Amwell is said to be pretty simple. Once you’ve taken a few minutes to create an account, your information is then safely stored.

To select the healthcare professional who works best for you, you’ll be shown a list of available doctors along with their experience and ratings before starting your visit. Getting connected usually only takes a few minutes.

Online visits with Amwell are private and secure, as they use secure streaming video. Amwell is HIPAA-compliant, which allows you to safely and confidentially consult with a healthcare professional online.

The service is generally well reviewed. Online reviews reveal that users are generally satisfied with the care they received.

Still, reviewers have encountered technical difficulties, and some note that picking a therapist for mental health services can be a little confusing. They also indicate that Amwell offers fewer communication options compared with most online therapy sites.

The cost of an urgent care visit at Amwell starts at $79, and may be even less since some employers and insurance companies cover telehealth visits.

Amwell is constantly partnering with new health plans, and your insurance provider may fully cover urgent care visits.

Amwell works with a variety of health insurance companies, including:

  • Academic Health Plan (AHP)
  • Aetna
  • Beacon Health
  • iCare
  • MHBP
  • Rural Carrier Benefit Plan

The cost of a 1-hour appointment with a therapist ranges from $99 (master’s level) to $110 (doctoral level).

The price is the same whether you need to schedule an appointment during the day, night, on the weekend, or on holidays.

According to data from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, almost 25% of people in the United States don’t have a primary care physician.

Plus, the Association of American Medical Colleges projects a great shortage of primary care physicians by 2033.

Telehealth services like Amwell may help bridge the gap in care that can result from provider shortages. Plus, these services can offer help outside of regular clinic hours.

What’s more, research has suggested that users are overwhelmingly very satisfied with service received through telehealth, and telehealth visits are often considered to be equal to in-person visits.

Amwell is a good choice for anyone who’s in need of standard, non-emergency medical treatment for themselves or their children.

Keep in mind that you can’t use Amwell if you’re experiencing a medical emergency, such as bleeding, chest pain, head injury, or possible broken bones.

Amwell is touted as an easy-to-access, low cost way to see a healthcare pro for non-emergency medical services.

Doctors offer assistance in a variety of healthcare fields, including breastfeeding support, nutrition counseling, pediatrics, psychiatric services, and menopause care.

The service is available 24/7 without the need to book an appointment ahead of time, and the cost of a visit may be lower than the standard $79 rate if you have medical insurance.

Get started with Amwell here.