Do I Have a Love, Lust or Loser
Relationship? Quiz


Instructions: Answer the questions below honestly about the person you have feelings for and we'll score the quiz and let you know the likelihood of love.


1. When we go to the movies,
We'll often discuss the movie afterwards over a drink or coffee
We'll often be so busy making out we don't remember much of the movie
Movies? We rarely go out in public together.

2. When my partner gives me a hug in front of others,
I often feel embarrassed and hope no one is looking
I often feel proud that she/he is in my life
I often got all hot and sexually aroused

3. When I look at my partner, I most often feel like:
I'm very lucky to have him/her
I'm invisible
Having wild, passionate sex

4. If my partner suggested that we try something sexual that I've never tried before,
I would probably try it because I trust them
I would not do it because I would be too uncomfortable
I would try it because I couldn't resist their sexuality

5. When I took my partner to meet my family,
My partner couldn't keep his/her hands off of me!
My partner impressed my family with his/her charm and personality
My partner showed up drunk and cursed the entire time

6. My partner loves me for:
My soul
My body
Not sure

7. The first time we slept together was:
After we had been dating for a few weeks
On our first date
Unremarkable/I wouldn't know

8. For our three-month anniversary, my partner and I:
Stayed in bed in a hotel room the entire weekend
Exchanged poems, cards or gifts with one another
Had a big fight

9. My partner's feelings for me are like:
A broken leg wrapped in a wet noodle
A cozy warm bed on a cold winter's night
A raging fire

10. When I get upset, my partner usually:
Tells me to be quiet and stop complaining so much
Gives me a hug, holds me close, and tells me everything's going to be alright
Tells me that I look sexy when I'm upset and tries to kiss me

11. When I talk about my feelings, most of the time my partner:
Wants to leave the room
Gazes into my eyes and tells me how sexy I look when I'm being serious
Listens and ensures that they understand what I'm saying

12. Most of the time, the sex between us feels like:
Pretty okay but boring
An intense emotional connection

13. When I am sexually intimate with my partner, most of the time I feel like:
I want to take a shower
Warm, happy, and excited all over
I am on fire with electricity!

14. Compared to my ex, my current partner:
Could use a little improvement
Makes me feel very loved and cared for
Is dynamite in bed!


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