Relationships can be hard work. One way to make it easier is by spending time with couple friends.

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You and your partner are imperfect humans. So it’s inevitable that you’ll experience issues at some point in your relationship. You’ll need other people to talk with outside of your relationship.

Spending time with other couples may help. You’re both having fun, socializing, and happy. Opening up to trusted friends in a similar stage of life might strengthen your partnership.

Making friends as a couple isn’t always easy. Not every couple meshes well with each other. But it’s worth the effort to keep trying, even after a failed match.

Now that you’ve decided to make friends with other couples, it’s time to think about where to start.

There are lots of ways to find friends. Here are some ideas:

  1. mutual friendships: look at current friends and invite your partners to your next social event together
  2. social events: parties, weddings, and family events are great places to link with other couples
  3. online: online communities, social media groups, and websites are available to help mingle with other couples
  4. work: reach out to a friend at work and see if they want to get together with your other half
  5. school: your child’s school or your own are also options for finding couple friends

If you’re new to town, community newsletters and websites offer social events locally. If you have a shared interest, interest groups are also options — for example, billiards clubs or dog park groups.

No matter your budget, there are great activities to share with other couples. Some double-date ideas are:

  • Game night. Get everyone together for some healthy competition by playing games like cards, board games, or other activities.
  • Sporting events. Seeing your local sports teams is a great way to bond and let loose with other couples.
  • Share a meal. Sharing a meal at a restaurant or cooking at home is a great way to spend time with friends.
  • Take a class or tour. Sign up for couples cooking classes, learn pottery, or take a winery tour.

It’s about finding shared interests and making plans that spark those interests.

Friendships may lead to better overall well-being. They might also improve your quality of life.

The benefits don’t just stem from your individual friendships. You may also receive these perks from couple friends.

A 2020 study cites strong evidence supporting friendship’s positive influences on marriage for both wives and husbands. But you see the benefits outside of heterosexual marital relationships, too.

Another 2015 study found that friendship was equally important to overall life satisfaction for gay, lesbian, and bisexual couples. It also notes these friendships satisfy your natural need to:

  • bond with someone both like and unlike yourself
  • call on someone for comfort when troubled
  • share memorable experiences with another

One’s relationship with a close friend allows your partner to expand their social network. The overlap of friendships also enhances the quality of marriage and support system.

Finally, shared relationships may be necessary for your mental health.

Experts found that frequent interactions with friends led to fewer depressive symptoms. According to a 2017 study, this is even more true for couples because:

  • Cross-partner effects. You’re happier due to your friendship which carries over to how your partner feels. Similar to the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.”
  • Social control. Seeing how others act in their relationships may guide how to and not act in your relationship.
  • Opportunities for more friendships. Friendships with another couple may open a network into even more social connections.

Friendships are important. Research tells us the company we keep outside of our romantic relationships is essential for our overall well-being.

At first, it might be tough to befriend other couples. If you experience difficulty, please don’t worry.

Couple friends only help add enjoyment to your partnership. But they’re not the only way to have a happy relationship.

It’s best to remain open to new experiences to ensure your success. Also, prioritize your time to make and keep any plans to socialize.

Finally, be yourself. The best friends are those who accept you for who you are.

If you need more help making connections, great apps are available for making friends, like Cuplr and Party of 4. Also, volunteering your time is a wonderful way to make friends and do good.