Ready for a better way to reach clients?

Become a member of the Psych Central medical network! 

Allow clients to find you with unique custom filters, including:

  • location
  • therapy modality 
  • ages served
  • experience in specific cultural and diverse needs communities
  • price and insurance
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Psych Central’s comprehensive medical integrity team will vet all network members, so you can make referrals with confidence! 

Allow your credentials and experience to shine with profile customization options, including:

  • video introductions
  • live chat
  • potential client screening
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Your subscription includes one profile for multiple states, so there’s no need to create or manage multiple profiles if you practice in more than one state. 

It’s also flexible. You can pause or cancel a subscription at any time with no fees or hassles.

Need a little help? Our concierge service provides legal, marketing, and product consultations via email and live chat. 

Join the LinkedIn of the Mental Health Professional Community!

As a Psych Central network member, you will be able to connect with and support other members with:

  • internal job postings 
  • referral inquiries
  • colleague reviews and kudos
  • discussion boards and forums

A provider directory membership at $29.95 a month includes:

  • free teletherapy platform (HIPAA-compliant)
  • protected phone number/email address
  • real-time data tracking for calls and emails
  • weekly market and data trend reports
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There are no plans or contracts. 

Join our waitlist, become an early adopter, and get 90 days free. Waitlisters will have the opportunity to give valuable input as we finalize the directory features. They’ll also get a special private consultation on how to best maximize a personal profile.