Are you an ABA service provider (a BCBA, BCaBA, or other clinician providing ABA services)? Does part of your job include creating goals for applied behavior analysis parent training services? We have created a list of ideas that you may consider using for the purpose of ABA parent training goals. Be sure to reference your employers requirements and the funding source requirements for individualizing each goal to the client you are working with.


Expressive Communication

  1. Parent will have childs communication book easily available to child (based on proximity level of childs progress) at all times.
  2. Parent will provide at least 30 trials of echoics to child per day for 14 consecutive days.
  3. Parent will use least to most prompting to help child work on greeting others at least twice per day for 14 consecutive days.

Receptive Communication

  1. When giving child an instruction, parent will gain childs attention by being in close proximity (within three feet) to child and being in childs line of sight prior to giving instruction.
  2. Parent will repeat instruction only once. If child does not respond appropriately, parent will implement prompting strategy and restrict access to reinforcement.
  3. Parent will provide at least 10 trials of natural environment learning opportunities for child to tact a stimulus by asking child a question like What is that? while pointing to an item for 14 days.

Daily Living Skills

  1. Parent will provide verbal prompt to child twice per day for child to complete tooth-brushing and complete prompt hierarchy as identified with behavior analyst as necessary for 6 out of 7 days for three weeks.
  2. Parent will maintain a set scheduled time (ex: 7:00pm) for child to clean up his or her toys.
  3. Parent will post a morning routine visual schedule on childs wall and will give child verbal and gestural reminder about schedule every morning for 14 days.

Behavior Management

  1. Parent will provide positive reinforcement in the form of verbal praise at the assigned reinforcement ratio when child shares toys with sibling.
  2. Parent will use extinction by not allowing child to gain access to preferred item when tantrum occurs.
  3. Parent will offer child two acceptable choices at least five times per day and will follow through on childs choice.

If you have ideas for other ABA Parent training goals that youd like to share with other service providers, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.