[Ed. – The following is provided as an inspirational opinion article to help people who are coping with grief and loss. It reflects the author’s opinions and experiences only.]

When my husband died in 2006, I discovered that the distance between life and death was very short. It became very clear that we are here one moment and gone the next.

Death is immediate.

I may even go as far as to say that death is not inside our linear time. If you blink you would miss death. It comes and it takes us outside of this reality, and moves us into a place outside of a linear existence. The place outside of time is a real place, but since we understand life through the concept of time we can’t understand that this place exists.

But it does.

It is also non local, meaning you can’t find it the way you find everything else on a map. It does not have an actual location. And since death has no time and no location we think it is the end. But it isn’t.

Death is a doorway into a different existence. And because I wanted to discover what this existence is like without dying, I studied, researched, learned and then took all of it and built a bridge, an opening, a way in. And I have been going in and out of there every day for 2 years. The bridge takes you deeper and deeper the longer you travel on, and the more you frequent on it.

I wrote each step in my new book Where Did You Go? So you could go too. You see, this place which we call the afterlife is a place we can visit while living and we can use its wisdom in this life. Here are some of the things I learned about life while I was visiting the afterlife in these last two years.

1. Miracles are real and can be frequent.

We use the word miracle because we perceive synchronicities, unexpected healing, visitations from our loved ones as rare phenomena. But the truth is, there is a deeper reality that tells us life can be full of miracles and wishes fulfilled. And we have to start to view our life from this miraculous place.

Once we believe that there could be daily miracles, we start to find them everywhere. It may appear as magic but not to those who understand how the hidden levels of reality work. One thing to keep in mind is that you are surrounded by miracles waiting to happen if only you start believing in them.

2. Death is a doorway to a bigger room.

There is no death, just a pathway to another view of reality. The person you lost only died in your reality but not in theirs. For them, everything changed, and they still exist. They want you to understand that, so they can tell you some things they never got to say when they were here with you, living in this existence.

I learned over the last two years that it is not just for our own healing that we must connect with our loved ones, but for them also. Healing needs to take place on both sides. This was surprising to me, when I was informed of that. Of course it makes sense now, but at the time I wanted to write this book to help the living. Because I did not think the ones who are no longer with us needed this too. Now I know.

3. You can talk to the people you lost every day.

There are many ways to talk about our loved ones, and you must find your own way to do so. How? Try different types of doors. You can go to a well-known medium who has gone back and forth through the door many times. You can do different programs that teach you how to connect. Of course you can also read Where Did You Go? But I want you to know there is a way there, find it, go to them and let them tell you the things they have been wanting to tell you.

For those of you who worry that this will activate your grief, I want to say that it actually helps you heal at a deeper level than anything else I have ever seen. Trust the process and believe in what you receive. Don’t question your own ability to connect. You have been born with this gift, I am sure you have heard of kids connecting better and faster than adults. It is because we are meant to. And like Lady Gaga would say, you are born this way.

4. We don’t have to wait for our loved ones to visit us, we can visit them.

Ever since I can remember I heard people ask me and others things such as have you had any signs? Or has he visited you in your dreams? I am here to tell you that this is a two-way street. We are also meant to visit with them. This is still a relationship. Different of course. But still a relationship that needs both parties to put effort forward. I can hear them laughing at that. And telling me why would anyone think that all of a sudden they have to do all the work? It makes sense right?

5. Life is our own creation

Half way through Where Did You Go? you will discover that the path changes, there is a plot twist as someone called it. As I was traveling back and forth to the reality we cannot see, the more life I found. It appears that the place we go when we are no longer physically here, is also the place we get to create life from. It is as if afterlife is where creation stems from. It is not after life it is Life Beyond Life. It is where everything starts from. Your dreams. Your wishes. Your whole life is created from there. And you can create with your loved ones too. This is my favorite part.

6. Your loved ones want you to know they did not die.

Imagine if you are waving at someone everyday and they can’t see you. This is how it feels for them. They are trying to get your attention but you are not looking for them. Look for them so they can be seen. They are waving at you and want you to wave back.

7. There are no ghosts.

I used to be afraid of ghosts, and anything to do with death. After all, movies, media and the whole world it seems, makes it all look and sound creepy. No wonder we are so afraid.

I believe that ghosts are holographic creations of our minds. Our loved ones are not ghosts, they are energy and consciousness that is around us. When we do see them, it is their way of making themselves known in a holographic way, as this is the way we are told that we are able to see them. But when we start to see them with our eyes closed then they will come to us in different ways. The ghost industry is way too big and in many ways wrong. It is as if they want to make us believe in this very scary world. When all this is, is the most beautiful world you can ever imagine. One day we will all experience it first-hand.

8. Heaven is for real.

Yes, it is. Not that you needed me to tell you this, but it is. The place from which this reality is being projected from is where Heaven is located. Which also includes the people we think we lost. It is where light comes from and gives us this image of this world. It is actually called the Holographic principle and there have been studies on this and it has been scientifically proven. This reality is an image being projected from the 2D dimension where light, energy, and our consciousness exists always.

9. God/source/universe is the first creator, who observed you into existence.

There was a first creator, who observed our creation. You see, reality here cannot exist without someone observing it and therefore creating it. Observation equals creation. And there is so much to say about this, but what you need to know here is that unless an earlier form of consciousness observed us, we could not have existed. When there is nobody looking at the stars we are being told that the stars cannot be there. This is one of the most fascinating theories out there. Einstein used to say “I want to think that the moon is there when I am not looking at it.” Even he didn’t want to consider that possibility but it was one that he had to.

10. You are never alone.

I know it feels like you are all alone with nobody by your side, but one thing I know for sure is that not only your loved one is by your side but many others. You are surrounded by angels, guides, loved ones and a whole cosmos. Not only do you have company but they want to help, connect and be a part of your journey. Let them in.

For those of you who want to know more about all of this, I hope your order a copy of Where Did You Go?

There are two different kind of re-entries after loss. One where we start to build a new life for ourselves. And another where we have experiences with life beyond life that allow us to bring forth certainty that love never dies. And you are never left behind. This type of life reentry cannot be missed. I have helped many people start over after the loss of a loved one, and one question that never goes away until it is answered is “WHERE DID YOU GO?”.

My own answer is, that he never went anywhere, he has always been here.

I look forward to your own answers that can only be given through your own lenses and experiences.

With a lot of life beyond life,Christina