Current Procedural Terminology (CPT codes) are used by psychologists and other mental health professionals in order to bill their services to an insurance company or Medicaid. This is not a complete list, but simply a list of some of the most commonly used CPT codes in mental health and psychology services, meant as a quick-reference sheet. It has been updated for the most recent and relevant code changes.

This list is kept updated based upon new codes. However, billing codes generally don’t change very often, so you can usually be assured that the code you’ve been using is correct.

A “facility” in the text below refers only to a hospital, surgical center, or skilled nursing facility. If you’re not providing services in one of those kinds of locations, you should use the “non-facility” coding. Most psychologists and therapists should use the “non-facility” coding, unless they are working in a hospital or related facility.

Most traditional face-to-face, individual psychotherapy sessions should be billed only for 45 minutes (90834). Get to know this code, it is your friend. Most mental health clinicians and therapists should use code 90791 for billing for an intake interview and 90847 for family therapy.

The individual clinician is always responsible for ensuring they are using the most accurate and appropriate CPT billing code when billing for services provided, regardless of who does the actual billing on the clinician’s behalf. Please ensure you understand and bill for the correct CPT code for the services provided to your patient.

90791Psychiatric/psychological diagnostic interview without medical services (intake interview)
90792 Psychiatric diagnostic interview (for prescribers / medical services)
90832 Individual psychotherapy, 30 minutes (when performed with an evaluation & management service: 90833)Non-facility: 64.84 / Facility: 64.12
90834Individual psychotherapy, 45 minutes (when performed with an evaluation & management service: 90836)Non-facility: 85.97 / Facility: 85.62
90837 Individual psychotherapy, 60 minutes (when performed with an evaluation & management service: 90838)Non-facility: 128.6 / Facility: 127.89
90847Family Psychotherapy with patient present (without patient present: 90846; multiple-family group psychotherapy: 90849)Non-facility: 107.47 / Facility: 106.75 (without patient: 104.24 / 103.53; multiple-family group: 34.39 / 30.81)
90853 Group psychotherapyNon-facility: 26.51 / Facility: 25.79
96101 Psychological testing, interpretation and reporting per hour by a psychologist (per hour)Non-facility: 80.96 / Facility: 80.24
96102 Psychological testing per hour by a technician (per hour)
96103 Psychological testing by a computer, including time for the psychologist’s interpretation and reporting (per hour)
96105 Assessment of Aphasia
96111 Developmental Testing, Extended
96116 Neurobehavioral Status Exam (per hour)Non-facility: 94.93 / Facility: 88.84
96118 Neuropsychological testing, interpretation and reporting by a psychologist (per hour)Non-facility: 99.23 / Facility: 79.88
96119 Neuropsychological testing per hour by a technician
96120 Neuropsychological testing by a computer, including time for the psychologist’s interpretation and reporting
96150 Health & Behavioral Assessment – Initial (each 15 mins)Non-facility: 21.49 / Facility: 21.14
96151 Reassessment (each 15 mins)Non-facility: 20.78 / Facility: 20.42
96152 Health & Behavior Intervention – Individual (each 15 mins)
96153 Health & Behavior Intervention – Group (each 15 mins)
96154 Health & Behavior Intervention – Family with Patient (each 15 mins)
96155Health & Behavior Intervention – Family without Patient (each 15 mins)
Add ons
90785Interactive complexity add-on (for psychotherapy codes)
90839Patient in crisis add-on – 60 minutes
90840Patient in crisis add-on – Each additional 30 minutes

Notes: Small type denotes medical payment codes. Facility: Includes hospitals (inpatient, outpatient, and emergency department), ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs), and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Non-facility: everything else.

Learn more: You can look up the cost of a particular CPT code in your city or state on the AMA website (American Medical Association).