If you ever ask yourself, “What is flirting,” you can use this information to understand the situation. You can determine why people flirt and how to tell if they’re flirting with you.

Flirting involves communication and body language. It suggests the desire for a deeper relationship with someone. Sometimes flirting is playful and only done for amusement, while other times the goal is building self-esteem.

Flirting can help someone start a romantic or sexual relationship with another person. It helps gauge how another person feels to see if there’s a chance to take things to a new level.

Understanding flirting behaviors can help you identify when someone is interested in you. It’ll also help you respond appropriately based on your feelings about the situation.

Flirting involves verbal and nonverbal behaviors that signal interest or attraction toward another person.

Flirting is an emotional instinct and doesn’t involve logic, and often happens when two people believe they have similarities.

According to 2018 research, when someone views another person as being like them, it increases the chance they’ll find the person attractive. The similarities could involve things such as appearance, interests, or values.

Flirting can increase your dopamine and other hormone levels, making you feel good. Studies also show that flirting can reduce stress and boost your overall well-being.

While verbal behavior can indicate flirting, it isn’t as important as physical actions. If you think someone is flirting their behavior is telling, so try to watch for signs they want to be more than friends.

Examples of flirting

Everyone flirts differently, but some universal examples can indicate someone’s interest. Some of the behaviors to watch for include the following:

  • hand-touching
  • playful attention
  • smiling or laughing frequently
  • touching
  • rubbing shoulders
  • prolonged eye contact
  • giving plenty of compliments
  • being interested in conversation with the other person

Flirtatious behaviors can differ from person to person. You may not always know when someone is flirting with you, but there are signs you can watch for.

If the person only shows one sign of flirting, it could indicate friendliness instead, but two or more may be a good indication of something more.

1. They seek ways to spend time with you

You can tell if someone is flirting with you if they look for reasons to be around you. They’ll ask for your help or offer to assist you. You might also notice they accept invitations if they know you’ll be there but turn them down otherwise.

2. They show interest in intimate conversations

Someone interested in having intimate conversations with you might like you more than a friend. It can indicate flirting as they show interest in your thoughts and feelings.

3. They compliment you often

If someone showers you with compliments, it’s a good indication that they’re flirting with you. Likewise, you might notice they say kind things that push the limits of what a friend would say.

4. They’re overly generous

When someone is overly generous, it could indicate that they like you romantically. It’s a sign of flirting because they likely wouldn’t go out of their way to be kind and do things for you otherwise.

5. They look for reasons to touch you

Touching your arm or hand while talking can be a sign of flirting. The person flirting might make it seem accidental, but it’s likely intentional if it happens more than once.

6. They treat you differently than others

Try to pay attention to how the person treats others. Someone is likely flirting if their usual behavior is different than their behavior toward you. They’ll most likely want to make you feel special, so you know they admire you.

7. They exhibit flirtatious facial expressions

Experts indicate that when people flirt, they use flirtatious expressions. It includes turning their head to one side and tilting it down. You may also notice a slight smile and that they look at you consistently when in your presence.

Is flirting cheating?

Flirting with others can be a touchy subject if someone is in a relationship. It depends on how both partners feel about flirting because not everyone considers it cheating.

Some people think flirting is cheating, while others don’t, and it often depends on the underlying intent. However, if flirting turns to a deeper connection, it could indicate emotional cheating.

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2022 research shows that people flirt to communicate with someone they’re attracted to. It’s a way of getting the person’s attention and hinting at the desire for a sexual or romantic relationship.

Sometimes people flirt for other reasons, including boosting their self-esteem or having fun by being playful. They may also do it to get the other person to accomplish a task or chore.

Flirting behaviors can indicate someone’s intentions and feelings. If someone flirts with you, they likely want to get to know you on a deeper level.

Flirting is typically harmless and used to start getting to know someone romantically. However, when someone is in a relationship, flirting could cause issues. If there is no question about their relationship status, you can use these signs to see how someone feels about you.