Depression can be a lonely experience, but there is strength in community. Sometimes, just knowing that someone else knows how we’re feeling can help.

Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 264 million people around the world live with the condition. Still, it’s easy to feel alone and isolated when you have depression.

Although it might not sound like a helpful activity, reading quotes about depression could help you remember that you’re not alone.

Not all of these depression quotes will ring true for you, as everyone experiences depression differently. However, they might help you understand your feelings better: Sometimes, reading about another person’s experience helps us understand our own.

If you’re experiencing depression, it might feel impossible to describe or even acknowledge your feelings, much less explain them to others. These quotes describe some people’s experiences of depression.

The following quotes about dealing with depression might inspire you to keep going when it feels overwhelming.

Although depression often feels unending, it can be managed. Here are some hopeful quotes about depression that might comfort you.

Depression can be treated. Many people who have depression manage their symptoms effectively.

There are many ways to treat depression. If you are experiencing depression, or if you think you might be, consider talk therapy (also called psychotherapy). This involves talking with a qualified professional.

In some cases, a medical practitioner might prescribe antidepressant medication. However, this isn’t the case for everyone.

Also, self-care strategies might help you manage the symptoms of depression. Finding emotional outlets such as exercise, journaling, or a creative hobby can be useful. Surrounding yourself with a network of supportive loved ones can also help.

If you need immediate help, there are some resources available to you now. Try the following options:

Recovery is possible. Depression can feel neverending and all-consuming, and you might feel as if you’ll never get better. This isn’t necessarily true. Many people manage depression, and you can be one of them.