Child sexual abuse is a deeply disturbing topic, made all the worse because of just how widespread it is. The vast majority of the victims of child sexual abuse know their abusers, all too commonly a family member. This week’s guest addresses some misconceptions of child sexual abuse, speaks on the survivors of incest, and the fact that much of the continual trauma suffered by these victims is due to keeping silent about the event. She also discusses the Four Rules of Sexual Consent and addresses the question of whether it is possible to have one’s abuser in one’s life and still be healthy.

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Child Sexual Abuse Show Highlights:

“When you’re experiencing all this dysfunction in adulthood, it’s not because you’re still traumatized by the physical event. That’s part of it. It’s really because you’re traumatized by the silence that is present every day of your adult life.” ~ Rosenna Bakari

[0:49]   How many survivors of incest are there and why isn’t this more well-known?

[4:09]   Talking Trees and living openly.

[8:05]   Misconceptions about childhood sexual abuse.

[15:01] Healthy relationships and the 4 Rules of Sexual Consent.

[20:59] Is it possible to have your abuser in your life and still be healthy?



About Our Guest

Dr. Rosenna Bakari is an empowerment motivational speaker, and an advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Her newly released memoir marks her fourth book, each of which addresses women’s issue. The memoir, Too Much Love Is Not Enough, stands out because of the bravery it took to lean into vulnerability so that other survivors can be heard. Her voice represents millions who have not found theirs yet.


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