I dont know why they say, Go to your doctor. Ive been in a hole the past week and need a doctors note tojustify my absence at work which really isnt happening and shows the stupidity of the modern age to expect someone with a mental illness to make it a doctor for a note.

Im not VespaGirl lately. I cant get up and drive to the doctor. But I need that doctors note. I called my psychiatrist to get a note and cried so hard on the answering machine that he called me back and left a message saying he couldnt understand me.

So, where does this take me. If I am depressed and need a doctors note for work and dont have a physical ailment to justify not showing up to work, but have depression, how am I supposed to get a note. That is a statement and a question. What chronically amazes me is that in this day and age people have zero regard for whatconstitutes sick and needing a note. A physical note, let’s hide the mental one cause, that doesn’t exist. Hell, I thought about forging one cause I was so scared of putting myself at risk with my job. I even called a colleague that went on medical leave when she was depressed and said verbatim that the note should say she is out for medical reasons and will return at this date. I can’t put a date on my depression, but I have to. If I had a broken leg and a note I could be out for weeks.

Depression doesnt heal itself in a few days, but I need to be back to work in a few days. Ill find a way to make it happen. Cause that’s what I do. But looking at the big picture it amazes me that if I need a doctor’s note that means I need to have seen a doctor to justify my absence and guess what, I dont have a physical problem, I have a mental episode and am going to have to have my psychiatrist fax a note saying due to medical reasons dot dot dot. And not say its a mental problem cause THATS not a good idea cause then youre labeled as Bipolar or crazy or whatever.

How can I get a doctor’s note when I cant leave my place.

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