Hello, my name is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but go by the nickname, OCD. I have likely been part of your life since childhood, causing you to think and behave in ways that may seem strange to others.

Here, I am talking about the odd stuff, like engaging in ritualistic behaviors, having intrusive thoughts and catastrophizing.

When I am feeling particularly powerful, I can trigger irrational fears that lurk deep within the recesses of your mind. Are you super afraid of germs? Overly concerned someone you love might die in an accident? Obsessed with a certain number?

Yep thats me your old buddy OCD! Oh how I can make your life miserable!

What you may not know, however, is that I am vulnerable to 10 specific things that weaken my intensity. When you partake in any one of these, you chip away at my strength. When you combine several together, I wilt like a flower.

I really shouldnt be telling you this because Im giving away my secrets but Im going to do it anyway.

Are you ready? Lets jump right in!

10 Things OCD Doesnt Want You to Know

1. Calling out cognitive distortions

When you recognize how I make you have cognitive distortions, it drives me bonkers! This means you realize your irrational thoughts are just that thoughts. Your ability to call out these distortions robs me of my chance to generate anxiety, depression and fear in your life.

2. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

One of the most powerful weapons you can use against me is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). When you team up with a therapist who teaches you how to work through obsessive thought patterns that are tinged with illogical beliefs, I cower like a submissive puppy in the corner.

3. Physical activity

When you use physical activity for the sole purpose of naturally calming your thoughts, you do serious damage to my mischievous ways. Here, I am talking about strength training and other forms of exercise. I cant handle it when you channel your anxiety towards healthy activities. Id rather you sit and obsess about something so that it activates your IBS!

4. Mindfulness Based Living

When you live mindfully, it means you are living in the here and now and not obsessing about a given issue, person or thing. Oh how I hate it when you partake in mindful meditation or any activity that purges your thoughts of my toxic presence!

5. Choosing happiness

It really sucks for me when you consciously choose to make happiness a daily part of your life. You totally thwart my plans for giving you endless misery when you decide that you actually deserve happiness and love. That is not what I want! Argh!

6. Acceptance

The moment you decide to embrace my presence in your life, I go running for the hills. You see, I want you to deny my existence because it paradoxically makes me stronger! So when you let obsessive thoughts pass through your head and thank your mind for presenting them in the first place, I go nuts!

7. Self-Care

Whenever you use acts of ritualization against me, such as engaging in self-care, I kind of lose it. I dont want you to focus on having a healthy diet or formulating a strong circle of support. Remember, my goal is to derail all that you do so that your obsessions and fears become the focal point!

8. Medications

Its really bad for me when you reach for medications commonly used for the treatment of depression and anxiety. This means you are taking active steps to deplete me of my energy, thereby blocking my attempts to make you miserable!

9. Laughter

When you are able to laugh at yourself and particularly at my ability to make you think illogically, I become humiliated. I absolutely despise it when you say to yourself, Thats OCD talking again and then move on to your next activity. Yep, this one truly messes me up!

10. Support groups

One of the most deadly weapons you can use against me is getting together with others who have OCD. Support groups spell major trouble for my brand of mental witchcraft! Your participation in these kinds of healthy activities means you are giving power to wellness and not to me! No!!

Final Thoughts

There are several others things you can do to loosen my grip, including educating yourself about my ability to distort. OK I have run my mouth far too long already. How you chose to use these 10 things is up to you.

Just remember this baby I am always here lurking in the shadows and waiting to mess you up! I am friends with lots of people, including some major celebrities. One of my best buddies is depression; another person who has secrets he doesnt want you to know!

Im going to run off now. Later!

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