Listen up ladies I am about to reveal to you some of the biggest guy secrets this side of Lake Michigan! We are talking major man stuff here that dudes never chat about, even among themselves. It’s top secret!

You see, there are some things your boyfriend will tell you and some things your boyfriend doesn’t want you to know. I am about to bigmouth a little on both.

As I impart this information to you, I am bracing myself for the torrent of likely hate mail I will get from guys all across America who will not be happy I let the cat out of the bag.

Here is the deal – rather you know it or not – there is a LOT to be gained from paying attention to your boyfriends underwear. By having an open mind while looking at your mans cotton briefs (or boxers) through the lens of mindfulness, you can pick up some major life lessons!

Ive written about mindfulness before, with topics ranging from mindfulness and your dog to mindful tips for eating.

Mindfulness based therapy, in fact, is a big part of the work I do with folks as part of a comprehensive approach to better living. I like to think of it as a handy tool for helping focus on the moment and stay in there here and now.

Speaking of reaching life goals, are you ready to learn those 7 life lessons courtesy of your mans undershorts? Okay then. Lets jump right in!

1. Live carefree

Have you ever noticed that your man tosses his underwear around mindlessly? Do you find yourself picking up your boyfriends boxers and throwing them into the hamper? Does he just take them off and lay them over a chair like its no big deal? Thats because your dude is feeling carefree. Hes comfortable with who he is. Hes not embarrassed to be leaving them out for you to see.

What would it be like if you took a cue from his skivvies? Theres something liberating about not giving a damn, wouldn’t you say?

2. Sweating is good

Have you ever noticed that your boyfriends underwear seem a little damp around the waist? Thats because men tend to put on weight via the abdomen. When we are physically active, we sweat around our bellies. For us, the sweat is a secret sign of masculinity and a barometer of vitality. Ask your man he will tell you!

While his sweat drawers may annoy you and even stink a bit, know that your guy considers those nasty critters as a badge of honor!

3. Leave room for flexibility

Most dudes like underwear that offers lots of room and flexibility. The reasons may seem obvious at first glance but there is so much more going on down there than sticks and berries! Guys like lose drawers because it makes them feel more comfortable. This is particularly true for business guys who are forced to tuck in a t-shirt and dress shirt into their boxers. I can tell you it sucks!

The next time your man is in a bad mood, ask him if his boxers are scrunched up. Hell probably be curious how you knew. And so the life lesson here from your mans underwear is simple. Flexibility, or lack thereof, can majorly impact your mood and outlook!

4. Let is all air out

Does your man walk around the house in his boxers? Does he sit in an arm chair with just his underwear on, clutching the remote control to toggle between football games? Does he riffle through the cabinets and fridge in search of food, all while wearing his drawers?

He does this because he likes being at home and is comfortable chilling with you in just his undershorts. Being a homebody is a good thing. Dont let anyone tell you different. And the take-away is simple sometimes you have to let it all air out! Can you think of a better way?

5. Be bold

Does your guy like to wear boxers with animals on them? How about skulls or little sports players? Does your man sometimes wear bright colored underwear you know super loud briefs that come in pallets of blues, reds and yellows? If so, this means your man is bold and doesn’t mind taking risks.

He doesn’t care what you think of his bright green palm tree print. He could also care less if his buds at the gym see him parading around with a pair of Curious George boxers. The lesson here is that sometimes, you just have to be bold and call no joy!

6. Be sexy

Dont think for one minute your boyfriend doesn’t know which pair of underwear he looks good in. The folks at Haines and Calvin Klein have done a great job over the past 10 to 15 years messaging to dudes that underwear matter! While guys never talk about this topic with one another, the life lesson here is that being attractive at the right time and in the right places is important.

Dont believe me? Do a quick search on the Internet for fashion trends + Men’s underwear and see the results that come back.

7. Sometimes you skid

This is probably one of the biggest life lessons that can be learned from your boyfriends underwear. Have you ever gone to wash your mans drawers and saw a major raisin stain streaking from front to back? How about some nasty dark matter clinging to his tighty whities?

Guess what sometimes (rhymes with chip) happens! Its not that your man does this on purpose or that he is dirty per se, its just that guys tend to have a different cleaning ritual when it comes to that part of the body.

Most guys have accepted this reality and recognize that sometimes, you just skid! If the drawers can be salvaged great! If not that is why God made trashcans!

Boyfriend’s Underwear: Final Thoughts

What you learned here today was top secret. We men dont even talk about this stuff over poker games or while hanging out with our muscle buds at the gym!

I told you there were a lot of life lessons to be learned from your mans boxers! I have a feeling you will never look at your boyfriends underwear the same again. Maybe thats a good thing?

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