Today, we will- NOT BE TALKING ABOUT THEM we are talking about people who are living-dealing/ living-dealing with some type of mental illness or mood disorder but their Defense Mechanism is Denial, Distortion, Delusion...For example, which is an obstacle in the way of getting the real health needed.and which is having an effect on me dealing with health issues. Lets elaborate:

* Denial:To refuse reality. When things get bad which they often do when non treatment of a mental disorder is let loose and you dont want to admit it. Or your medications or treatment plan start to fail and you deny it. Our first react is to say, NO! Im fine! Some refer to this as our: strategy to protect our self-identity. I look at it as our outer wall of defense. Yet, it will only last as long as we can hold onto our distorted belief that we are fine. When in reality, we are not fine.

* Distortion:The fact is you need help and you are starting to realize it. Still, you do not want to give up on the distorted belief that others are at fault and not you. For me, it is pushing the blame on others for my emotional turmoil most of the time my wife gets to play that happy role. It is hard for any man or woman to admit they are not in control and they need help.

* Delusion:When you have lost the battle and you give up on reality and let the disorder rule. You begin living your own delusions. Sometimes this is a total break from reality. Other times, it is a total belief of a distorted thought that started out in denial.

The Ds How can I AVOID them?

Furthermore, if we wish to avoid and of the 3 ds or Big Ds what can we do? Chato Stewart had a hard time grounding himself. Grounding yourself is a loose term, not clinical term that some consumers like Chato uses to describe the point in the recovery when you feel in control. ie =GROUNDED. Think of an aerial plane at a show doing amazing loop-to-loops and flying and springing sky high! Then springing out of control. Now do it over and over and over and over again, thats how Chato expresses his feelings when the Ds are in control. Getting grounded is like a smooth landing.

How can we now apply The Three Ds? Well, if we are the consumer or person that is experiencing severe symptoms of a mental illness, we need to ask these questions: Are we denying it? Have others seen a change in our moods and behavior? Are they trying to help? And are we willing to accept help (even if we dont want help)? Some of us may have to deal with ego, pride, and of course, DENIAL!

Are weusing our Psychological Defense Mechanisms to avoid self-examination? I avoided these questions for 15 years. Partly because as a man and I was taught we handle our own problems like men. Mostly, I avoided seeking help due to the lack of understanding of mental illness But it was not just me who did not understand. My wife, my mother, my sisters, my family, and my friends, really had no clue what to look for. Although, when I asked them, they all said they saw something but could not pinpoint it. Well, that is going to change. Now that weve asked the questions. Now we need the help or find answers/education. With each cartoon, we are educating and reaffirming the fact that mental illness is not a curse! We can have recovery and maintain it. Through laughter and humor we can help others better understand and recognize symptoms so many wont have to suffer needlessly!

Part 1:Psychological Defense Mechanisms : The 3 -Ds

Part 2:Denial, Distortion, and Delusion. The 3 -Ds

part 3:Defense Mechanism is Denial, Distortion, Delusion