During twenty years of practicing psychology, I started to see an invisible force from childhood which weighs upon people as adults. Its a non-event which is unnoticeable and unmemorable and yet leaves a profound mark upon the child that endures throughout adulthood. Its Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN).

CEN is a parents failure to respond enough to a childs emotional needs.

This failure to respond can masquerade as loving parent behavior. It can happen in families which are seemingly healthy and fine. And it can be overshadowed by more obvious child mistreatment or abuse. In any case, it goes unseen and unnoticed while it does its silent damage to peoples lives.

Many people have found answers to problems that havebaffled them throughout their lives, by recognizing that CEN is the cause. But because CEN is so difficult to see or remember, it can be very hardto identify whether you are living your adult life in its grip. Ive devised the Emotional Neglect Questionnaire to help you discover whether you may have grown up this way.

I have found it very useful, but have not yet been able to establish reliability or normative data through research. So please know that, at this point, the ENQ is based upon clinical experience, and has not been scientifically studied yet.

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To learn more about CEN; how it happens, why its so invisible, and how to heal from it, visitEmotionalNeglect.com, or seeRunning on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect.