Living with bipolar disorder can sometimes feel overwhelming. Realizing that others have gone through similar experiences may provide solace and hope.

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Anna Pismenskova/Getty Images

Sometimes, when we’re trying to find a way to just keep going, hearing from others who’ve gone through similar emotions or events can make all the difference. Maybe someone else has meaningfully put words to the grief, pain, frustration, joy, or revelation that you’re experiencing.

An estimated 4.4% of U.S. adults will experience bipolar disorder during their lifetime. Despite this fact, it can be easy to feel alone, trapped, and helpless when it comes to managing bipolar disorder.

At times, your moods may threaten the health of your relationships, your job security, or your physical well-being. Difficulty accessing, or maintaining, a consistent treatment regimen can make it hard to find the motivation you need to keep moving forward.

Collected here are quotes from writers, artists, thinkers, and celebrities that directly address the unique challenges or aspects of having bipolar disorder or speak broadly to mood-related mental health.

Remember: Bipolar disorder is highly treatable. You’re not alone, and it’s never too late to seek help!

It’s possible to live a happy and fulfilling life with bipolar disorder, even if you may not believe that right now. Treatment for bipolar disorder incorporates any combination of medication, therapy, diet and lifestyle adjustments, and other approaches.

If you think that you may have bipolar disorder, next steps could include further reading, and a discussion with your primary care doctor. Below are highly reputable online sources of information on bipolar disorder to guide you:

Our most powerful tools when it comes to effectively treating bipolar disorder are education and emotional support. Learning the facts about bipolar disorder can help you make sense of your condition, ask the right questions, and find the professional care you deserve.

An emotional support network — of family, friends, partners, mentors — is a central component to any treatment plan.

Seeking out the voices of others who have experienced bipolar disorder, whether through books, blogs, or films, can help you see a path forward when you’re feeling stuck, or provide validation for your feelings.

Ultimately, we hope the quotes and insights listed here can help remind you that the sun will come out, that your feelings do matter, and that bipolar disorder does not define you!