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    My intent is to produce blog posts that are part “article” and part “reflection”. Ahh…but what exactly does that mean, you ask? Good question (smile). The “article” part means that each post will have substance to it by providing information, concepts and links to other blogs, websites, authors, etc. The focus of the “article” will be on something I want to know more about (and hopefully you will too), as it relates to being more fully present, engaged, passionate, inspired, spiritually alive and connected. The “reflection” part will be what brings the information to life and give it more depth. It might be questions I’m asking myself (and you might be too?) or struggles I might be having to put it into practice (i.e. meditation – so much easier on paper than in real life!!). Bottom line? My intent is that by researching a particular topic and reflecting on it, we will both receive something of value from it. My promise to myself (and you) is a ”blogger’s creed” I set out for myself when I decided to enter the world of social media: I will ensure that what I post and tweet will be words that I can take pride in, words that have depth, have value and contribute something to the well-being of others. My writing will come from within me and will be true to me.
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