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    Helping the disabled to find needed benefits. From government services and benefits to the needs of our veterans. Hello, my name is David and I am disabled. My disability is due to end stage renal disease. Renal failure is due to brittle diabetes. My kidneys started to fail in 1992. I went on peritoneal dialysis in 2001. Thankfully in 2003 a wonderful person whom I never met gave me a gift of life, a kidney. The team of surgeons and doctors at the Cleveland Clinic were superb. My joy was short lived though. In late 2003, I developed an infection that spread throughout my blood system. The infection started in the bladder area and quickly spread. After 3 weeks in the Clinic the infection was brought under control but the damage done to the kidney was irreversible. I was then placed on a kidney/ pancreas transplant list. In February of 2008 I received the transplant. I spent 5 weeks in the Clinic due to many problems (which included an upper respiratory infection and a blood clot in one lung). My new organs are working well right now and the doctors are confident they will stay that way. It will take about a year to see if the transplant will in fact "hold" and we can all take a sigh of relief. I have been on disability now since 2000. I receive government benefits due to my disability and hope that you too will receive the benefits you deserve. I developed this site to help those on disability find those benefits. I will continue to research the topic and add information on a regular basis. If you find this information to be of value please consider donating to help keep it going. Proceeds from the donations will go towards my transplant and medicines to keep me going plus allow this site to remain useful to those in need.
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