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Addiction and Substance Abuse: Treatment Centers

    The Clearing New
    The Clearing is a residential treatment center that deals in holistic healing and helps with overcoming mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, traumatic life events, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, gambling addiction, eating disorders, and other conditions, including dual diagnosis. The Clearing uses Spiritual Psychology and feels by that, they find out what the issues are, and then begin to deal with them basically at the same time. Other participants join you in San Juan Island in Washington State, which is very beautiful and different, compared to other facilities.
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Post-traumatic Stress

    Conversations from Penn State: Charles Figley New
    From the Penn State University website, an interview with psychologist Charles Figley, in which he discusses the field of traumatology. He also discusses the cost to those who treat the traumatized, and his personal experiences with compassion fatigue. You also can find up top in a toolbar other very interesting talks from other Penn State notables, discussing such things as being an autistic adult, sports-related head injuries, being an investigative reporter, and even covering the White House.
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Psychology: Products and Services

    SOAR - Conquer Fear of Flying New
    Afraid to fly? Afraid to get on a plane? What is it that makes a person afraid to get their feet off the ground? Licensed Therapist and Airline Captain Tom Bunn LCSW developed sophisticated methods for treatment of claustrophobia, panic, and fear to help people like you when they are flying. You can get 6 different programs, from the most simplistic to the most complex (all of the programs together). Don't be afraid to fly anymore!
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