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Addiction and Substance Abuse: Alcohol Dependency

    Spiritual River New
    Spiritual River is a resource site with information on how to quit drinking with help, how to maintain sobriety, and how to know when to stop drinking alcohol. Included in this website is a 24/7 toll free helpline number, a readers mailbag (where questions are answered), and an overcoming addiction forum.
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Addiction and Substance Abuse: Treatment Centers

    Taylor Recovery Center New
    Taylor Recovery Center is a recovery center located in Houston, Texas. It is a pet-friendly center, and offers Alcoholics Anonymous meetings twice a week. There are things in place help make sure a person is staying sober, and that includes such things as random testing, curfews, and the aforementioned AA testing. However; the idea of Taylor Recovery Center is to make the Center less clinical and to that affect, they offer yoga, cross-fit, writing groups, art therapy, nutrition, weekend beach & surfing trips, and other activities.
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