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    Emetophobia, the fear of vomiting, is one of the most common phobias in the world. No one likes being sick, that’s normal, but if you seem to be really afraid of getting sick or vomiting, it maybe something more. We are here to help you beat your phobia – but please note that this is an information site and not a replacement for medical advice. Unlike other sites that just give you a list of the causes and symptoms (we do that too!) we have a very clear point of view. It might seem a bit outspoken but it’s this: No one can cure your emetophobia other than you – and you can learn how The big point here is that with other phobias you can manage around them. For example, if you are scared of flying you take a boat or drive, but the fear of vomiting is really difficult to ignore. It can really take ahold and you find that your life is being controlled by wanting to avoid being sick or seeing someone else sick. Also, its not just you that it effects, it will have knock-on effects to your friends, family and work colleagues. As it progresses, life and your world becomes smaller and smaller. Recognise this? Are you constantly preoccupied by sickness and vomiting rather than enjoying life? Are you embarrassed or scared about asking for help? Do you keep your fear secret? To find the cure you need to understand how Emetophobia works – or more to the point, how it is working you – and what is making you a slave to avoiding situations, food, travel or whatever, just in case you get ill.
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    NPL healing (New Personality and Life) is a new effective form of absent healing. Many problems for which there was no solution before can be remedied by NPL. But above all, NPL healing (New Personality and Life) is a technique for personal growth, for people who want to fundamentally improve their personality and to release all possible talents and abilities.
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