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    7 Cups of Tea
    7 Cups of Tea is an on-demand emotional health and well-being service that offers users an opportunity to vent out their problems without experiencing any judgement. Using bridging technology individuals are anonymously & securely connected to real people and real listeners in a one-on-one chat.

    Anyone who wants to talk about whatever is on their mind can quickly reach out to a trained, compassionate listener through their network. Users may connect to the first available listener or browse for specific listeners to connect to.

    App version also available for Apple and Android. - 22-Oct-2013 - Hits: 1070 - Rate This | Details
    ABC Counselling
    Jim Byrne is a Counselling Psychologist and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapist, helping individuals to overcome their emotional, behavioural and relationship problems, in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK; and globally over the internet and the telephone system. In addition to professional counselling and coaching services, their website also offers books, information packs and training courses in counselling and related subjects; as well as the ABC Counselling Members' Club. - 15-Nov-2005 - Hits: 748 - Rate This | Details
    Ada: Your Personal Health Guide
    Ada is the first and only AI-powered health platform created by a team of doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, which is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn about your symptoms and health conditions, so it can help you and your doctor better manage your overall health. It brings high-quality, personalized, interactive, and actionable health guidance to millions worldwide, empowering patients to proactively manage their unique healthcare journey.

    Supporting millions of users worldwide, a medical assessment is completed on Ada on average every 5 seconds. On average, over 10,000 assessments are completed by Ada's users each day. Approximately 30% of Ada's assessments deal with issues of mental health. - 6-Mar-2018 - Hits: 188 - Rate This | Details
    Ask a Child Therapist Top Rated
    * Are you tired of searching all over for trusted information regarding the emotional and behavioral needs of your family? * Not sure if you or your child needs therapy? * Wondering if you should really be concerned about how your child is acting? * Not sure if you need to spend the energy and money on finding a local therapist just to find out? * Looking for the opinion of an expert in child psychology and behavior? * Want to talk to a professional but just don’t have the time? Ask a question of a licensed therapist regarding family and child mental health issues. - 26-Mar-2008 - Hits: 706 - Rate This | Details Top Rated
    Need expert parenting advice or parenting tips? Parenting help, or answers to parenting problems and questions?
    Tired of wasting time and energy searching for credible advice from a real professional?
    Wish you could find a child psychologist to make a house call, and save the time and expense of visiting one in person just to ask a single question?
    Click here to solve those issues! - 10-May-2002 - Hits: 1058 - Rate This | Details
    BetterHelp aims to provide anyone facing life's challenges with easy, discreet and affordable access to professional counseling from a licensed therapist. Site members receive counseling using their computer, tablet or mobile phone - anytime they need and anywhere they are. - 2-Feb-2016 - Hits: 408 - Rate This | Details
    Cafe Counsel
    Cafe Counsel is an on-demand mental and emotional well-being service provider where you matter the most. Their counseling program is tailor-made to suit each individual's needs, comfort, benefits and convenience. They also use various technologies to connect you with qualified and experienced counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, life coaches and career counselors to guide you through your difficult and testing times.

    Primary areas of counseling focus include Relationship Counseling, Depression and Anxiety, Sexual Wellness, Parent-Child Counseling, Teens and Young Adults Counseling, Adult Counseling, Anger and Mood Management, Office Stress, Career and Pregnancy. - 2-Nov-2017 - Hits: 123 - Rate This | Details
    Chat Live MD
    By allowing patients to see a doctor by phone or video chat Chat Live MD seeks to provide affordable access to healthcare for the insured, underinsured, uninsured, remote and the immobile. This service is intended for non-emergency issues, and grants access to state-licensed doctors including pediatricians, dermatologists, psychologists, neurologists and more. - 28-Nov-2018 - Hits: 183 - Rate This | Details
    Conselis Top Rated
    Provides professional online psychological support, using cognitive behavioral techniques. Services include email counseling and interactive self-optimization trainings. - 29-Jan-2004 - Hits: 864 - Rate This | Details
    Counsel Chat Top Rated
    Counsel Chat offers online answers to mental health questions from licensed counselors and therapists. or find professionals in your area who are a good fit for you. Mental health professionals get a free listing and a powerful platform for building their online reputation. - 26-Jan-2016 - Hits: 450 - Rate This | Details
    Doctor Snipes provides free information on various mental health conditions as well as memberships that grant access to their professionally moderated bulletin board, online support groups and PowerPoint-based training on mental health topics. - 15-Aug-2005 - Hits: 546 - Rate This | Details
    Founded in 2016, E-counseling is a leading guide to all things related to mental health. E-counseling provides in-depth blogs, self-help tests based on the DSM-V, and research from licensed psychologists and certified life coaches. - 20-Feb-2018 - Hits: 64 - Rate This | Details
    eWellness Expert Top Rated
    eWellness Expert strives to provide accessible and affordable quality mental wellness via an online platform. They have more than 100 licensed, senior mental health experts to provide online counseling 24x7 in a secure and non-judgmental setup.

    Apart from one-on-one sessions, they also provide free chats with trained and compassionate listeners and free answers to clients' questions in their online forum. Blogs are available in English and Hindi languages. - 2-Jul-2017 - Hits: 125 - Rate This | Details
    Healbright offers online courses led by licensed mental health professionals that are a blend of lecture, guided practices, and practical skills. Their courses utilize the latest research in the neuroscience of learning, clinical psychology, and meditation practice to deliver content that leads to lasting mental and emotional change. - 18-Jun-2016 - Hits: 180 - Rate This | Details
    InnerHour's goal is to empower you with skills and techniques to enhance your overall psychological wellness & productivity, enabling you to lead a happier & more fulfilling life. They offer customizable therapy packages that include one-to-one sessions via phone, chat and video consultation with their expert team of counselors. - 28-Feb-2017 - Hits: 130 - Rate This | Details
    Let's Talk Counseling has a nationwide database of professional licensed counselors, therapists. and online counseling providers. Secure, Safe, and confidential. Online counselors specializing in sexual abuse, eating disorders, child abuse, online counseling, marital Counseling, and grief Counseling. Resources such as the book by Claire R. Reeves, President and founder of MASA (Mothers Against Sexual Abuse), and author of the book "Childhood: It Should Not Hurt!" provides resources to recognize a pedophile. is a HIPPA compliant place to provide free information about your practice. Network with other counselors, allow people needing help to acquire your services. - 2-Jan-2005 - Hits: 319 - Rate This | Details