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    ALISON offers a wide range of free online psychology courses. Course content is broken up into modules and range in duration from three to four hours to 10 or more hours. Material includes general psychology, research methods, applied psychology and more. - 26-Jun-2015 - Hits: 1099 - Rate This | Details
    AllPsych Online Top Rated
    Virtual Psychology Classroom with over 2000 pages of information. Includes three complete psychology texts (General, Personality, and Statistics), a detailed psychology timeline, biographies, a 500+ word psychology dictionary, information on mental disorders, career and educational information, online research, psychology journal, an active psychology student forum, and more. - 8-Aug-2003 - Hits: 3028 - Rate This | Details
    AmoebaWeb Top Rated
    AmoebaWeb is maintained by Douglas Degelman, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology at Vanguard University of Southern California, an American Psychological Association Website of the Month, it provides over 2000 links to psychology content (including full-text articles) freely available on the Web. - 18-Jun-2007 - Hits: 353 - Rate This | Details
    Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies
    The Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies (DLCAS) is an internet based educational service that provides comprehensive training and information in the field of addiction studies. Stay current with the advances of the field, maintain credentials, and obtain educational training hours in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. - 5-Sep-2006 - Hits: 889 - Rate This | Details
    Online Counseling Programs
    Online Counseling Programs is a comprehensive guide to counseling degree programs (online and on campus), state licensing requirements and counseling career paths. Learn how to become a licensed counselor in each state with detailed information on degree programs, supervision, examination, and continuing education for current and aspiring professionals. - 11-Apr-2017 - Hits: 135 - Rate This | Details
    Online Psychology Degrees
    Online directory containing over 10,000 psychology degree programs (on-campus as well as online) from over 1,600 colleges and universities around the US - from associate degree programs all the way through PsyD/PhD programs. Programs are sortable by degree type, specialty and state or online. The goal of the site is to help visitors understand their psychology degree and career options, whether they're already members of a mental health profession or just starting out. Site content also includes regular article updates and interviews with experts in the psychology field. - 14-Jul-2015 - Hits: 287 - Rate This | Details
    Psychology Degree 411
    Psychology Degree 411 is a free resource for those looking to enter or advance in the psychology field, with in-depth career guides, profiles of degree programs, and state-by-state guides to licensure. They also provide resources for recent and approaching graduates and current professionals, such as our job board that displays new job openings every day. - 5-Feb-2019 - Hits: 11 - Rate This | Details
    Psychology Degree Guide
    Psychology Degree Guide strives to be the most comprehensive resource online for psychology students. They provide an online directory of psychology schools, degrees and career resources that can be viewed by field of study, the program's location and more. - 20-Oct-2016 - Hits: 176 - Rate This | Details
    Quantum Units Education Top Rated
    Quantum Units Education has been an online CE provider since 2005; serving over 150,000 Customers, over 450 CE Courses, over 2,000 CE hours in Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Aging, Ethics, HIV, Medical Errors, Domestic Violence, Nursing, Cultural Diversity, Supervision and more. All courses and exams are 100% free - you only pay if you want a CE Certificate. - 8-Nov-2005 - Hits: 554 - Rate This | Details
    Regis College - Online Master of Social Work
    Regis is a multi-faceted, Catholic, co-ed university in greater Boston with 2,000 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in the arts, sciences and health professions. They are devoted to engagement, service and advancement in a global community. Their faculty endeavors to provide a values-based education that is integrated with cutting-edge technology and opportunities.

    Earning an online Master of Social Work from Regis College can help you expand your capabilities and treat a broader range of patients. An MSW can help put you in a position to impact the future of countless people, fight for social change and policy reform, and achieve your goal of promoting the greater good. - 15-Nov-2017 - Hits: 63 - Rate This | Details