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    Better Outcomes Now New
    The Better Outcomes Now mental health software can be used across orientations and diagnoses, allowing you to be evidence based with all clients. Better Outcomes Now (BON) is the true web application of Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS). Subscription service also includes Outcomes Measurement Webinars, videos and articles. - 24-Aug-2018 - Hits: 11 - Rate This | Details
    Ada is the first and only AI-powered health platform created by a team of doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, which is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn about your symptoms and health conditions, so it can help you and your doctor better manage your overall health. It brings high-quality, personalized, interactive, and actionable health guidance to millions worldwide, empowering patients to proactively manage their unique healthcare journey.

    Supporting millions of users worldwide, a medical assessment is completed on Ada on average every 5 seconds. On average, over 10,000 assessments are completed by Ada's users each day. Approximately 30% of Ada's assessments deal with issues of mental health. - 6-Mar-2018 - Hits: 106 - Rate This | Details
    ADD Classes Top Rated
    Would you like to learn more about ADD/ADHD? This site offers teleclasses, online courses concerning all aspects of AD/HD by skilled ADD Coaches. Participants can receive the following benefits:
    • High value, low cost teleclasses taught by skilled ADD Coaches.
    • Networking opportunities with class participants.
    • Learning and developing the skills to overcome AD/HD challenges. - 14-Nov-2004 - Hits: 184 - Rate This | Details
    ADD Consults Store
    This online store features fidgets, organizing tools, parenting products, books, magazines for short attention spans, best toys for ADD kids, last minute gifts to save face, unusual gifts and more. Shop online and save yourself time while avoiding crowds. - 24-Jan-2005 - Hits: 295 - Rate This | Details
    ADHD Week
    News and Insights from Psychiatrist and ADHD Specialist Dr. Brian Doyle, author of "Understanding and Treating Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" - 24-Nov-2006 - Hits: 1095 - Rate This | Details
    Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
    Rachel Grant Coaching specializes in trauma recovery & relationship coaching. Whether you are an adult survivor of child abuse who is still struggling with the effects or are dissatisfied with your relationships, coaching helps you explore new possibilities and bring about real change. - 8-Feb-2012 - Hits: 197 - Rate This | Details
    Advekit is a free, confidential website that was designed to make it easy to find the right therapist. Users can filter through payment options, type of therapy, time and location, and more in order to best cater to their needs. - 30-Mar-2018 - Hits: 74 - Rate This | Details
    AliMed is a leading provider of medical, healthcare and ergonomic products serving all segments of the healthcare market including hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, private medical practices, therapists, and more. - 12-Apr-2016 - Hits: 114 - Rate This | Details
    Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs and Facilitator Training
    Am I Hungry? has eating workshops, keynotes, retreats, products, and health and wellness professional training. They also offer workshops in varied places and locations for almost 15 years now. They offer articles, resources, tips and tools about mindful and healthful eating, and there are specific tools are available for non-diet weight management, binge eating, bariatric surgery, diabetes, and other eating-related issues. There are Facebook and Youtube links and videos that worth viewing for those who are mindful of their eating habits and are trying to learn new styles of eating. - 16-Sep-2013 - Hits: 189 - Rate This | Details
    Anger Management Techniques Top Rated
    Learn about the eight anger management techniques that Dr. Becourtney, licensed psychologist, uses in his anger management program for teens and adults. Visit this website to learn about his weekly anger management classes, individual anger management treatment, and his structured discipline program that parents can use in their homes. Many additional resources are also available including free articles on anger management and other mental health issues. - 27-Aug-2008 - Hits: 381 - Rate This | Details
    Ann Silvers, M.A.
    Ann Silvers, M.A. works with adult women and men as couples and individuals in her office in Gig Harbor, WA where she offers individual and couples counseling and coaching, and hypnosis.

    Her website also offers many products (books, interactive card sets, hypnosis recordings and scripts) that may be useful to therapists and to the general public. Blog entries deal primarily with the various ways that women can inflict abuse upon men and with dispelling the notion that such abuse does not occur. - 7-Sep-2015 - Hits: 170 - Rate This | Details
    Arise Foundation
    ARISE Family Tools is a unique 12-session training experience that is about the participants, not the instructor. Each 90-minute lesson is interactive: there are no lectures in ARISE Family Tools. Instead, video clips, stories and other activities keep it real. Participants use their own experiences to talk about, role-play and practice tools and techniques for creating a calmer, less stressful and happier family life. These are simple, proven tools that can be learned and then shared and practiced with other family members. Each week there are guided activities with worksheets and handouts for the family to complete at home. ARISE Family Tools also provides time for participants to share a snack and some relaxing socialization at every session. - 5-Oct-2011 - Hits: 184 - Rate This | Details
    Billshrinkers Top Rated
    Billshrinkers is a national mental health billing service. Their goal is to collect 100% of what you earn from insurance companies and patients, making it easy for you to maximize the profitability of your practice while drastically reducing your paperwork. - 11-May-2004 - Hits: 312 - Rate This | Details
    Bipolar Lives
    Bipolar Lives is a website created in order to help a person decide whether or not they may be bipolar. There are other things included such as the bipolar diet, which is to learn to eat in a way that stabilizes insulin and blood sugar, which can be known to help improve moods. The author of the website, Sarah Freeman, who is bipolar herself, wrote the diet herself. There are many links on the site, from how to deal with your own recovery to "crazy" spending. Worth a look if you feel you might be bipolar. - 29-Jul-2013 - Hits: 163 - Rate This | Details
    Brain and Behavior Research Foundation
    The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation is committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research. Involves discussion about schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, autism, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD and others. - 10-Dec-2011 - Hits: 198 - Rate This | Details
    Brain in Hand
    Brain in Hand is a system for individuals and professionals that assists people with high functioning autism and other similar conditions to live and work more independently with targeted support when they need it. Using the Brain in Hand app, secure website, and link to a mentor, Brain in Hand provides ongoing coping strategies to problems that could occur for the individual, accessed through their smartphone. - 12-Sep-2014 - Hits: 156 - Rate This | Details
    Care Analytics
    Care Analytics uses health survey products to address patient satisfaction in a way that is intended to drive meaningful quality improvement and transform the patient experience.

    By utilizing mobile and tablet based survey tools, Care Analytics is able to capture many more surveys than traditional methods. Analyzing this data allows them to produce reports and recommendations that give the patient the power to make truly informed decisions about their treatment options. - 4-Apr-2016 - Hits: 132 - Rate This | Details
    Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry Top Rated
    Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry is a private organization that is dedicated to providing psychiatric care and consultations, diverse psychotherapy, education and advocacy for the adult, elderly, ill and disabled and those who care for them. We conduct active research in the various fields of psychiatry and psychology, as well as present a number of innovative techniques and methodologies in addressing a wide range of behavioral and mental problems. Hackensack, NJ. - 8-Jan-2004 - Hits: 556 - Rate This | Details
    Childs Work
    Childswork/Childsplay is a brand that provides products for the teaching and counseling of special needs and emotionally troubled kids and teens. The full product line includes games, books and multimedia tools. - 26-Mar-2015 - Hits: 337 - Rate This | Details
    To monitor the progress of patients with mood disorders, ChronoRecord software provides a continuous, graphical display of mood, sleep, medications and other parameters of illness. The software is easy-to-use for both patients and practitioners. - 27-May-2002 - Hits: 358 - Rate This | Details
    Compeer Inc. is an international, not-for-profit organization that helps adults and children overcome the devastating effects of mental illness, such as loneliness, low self-esteem, and isolation through friendship. Nearly 100 affiliate locations around the world, these volunteer-based programs and services provide supportive friendships for people receiving mental-health treatment. - 29-Oct-2005 - Hits: 374 - Rate This | Details