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    A newsgroup on telecommuting.
    Newsgroup (special software needed): - 29-Feb-2000 - Hits: 415 - Rate This | Details
    Code Therapy: A Film About Technology and Mental Health
    Code Therapy is a short documentary about how technology is changing the way mental health services are delivered.

    Throughout the world there is a huge discrepancy between the number of people who struggle with mental health issues and the availability of sufficient therapeutic services. Now a growing number of entrepreneurs and researchers are creating apps and online programs to help plug this gap. Filmed in the US and UK, Code Therapy explores the potential of this new frontier in digital healthcare. - 22-Jul-2017 - Hits: 136 - Rate This | Details
    In-Mind Top Rated
    Inquisitive Mind (In-Mind) is an online magazine project launched by alumni from the Free University, Amsterdam. The goal of the project is to make social psychological research on everyday topics such as love, motivation, emotion and religion accessible to the general public. - 15-Jun-2007 - Hits: 313 - Rate This | Details
    ISTDP Institute
    The Institute for ISTDP Training and Research is a community of people who feel a calling to alleviate human suffering to build healthier communities. Although the model of therapy they practice is ISTDP, they are not here to "fossilize" it, but rather to co-create the integrative therapy of the future. They believe that the final answers of psychotherapy have not been found. That's why this community is "a place that keeps the questions open." - 27-Apr-2012 - Hits: 163 - Rate This | Details
    Life Coaching Institute Top Rated
    The Life Coaching Institute is a subscription-based service for budding young coaches looking to build a successful life coaching business. Subscription entitles you to access a library of written and audio resources, business tools, a network of coaching professionals, business building e-course, exclusive blog content, teleforums and teletutorials, special interviews and discussion forums. Currently you can get 60 days free access to these resources with no requirement to continue your subscription. Those who do not wish to fork out any cash can subscribe to their free ezine. - 11-Jun-2007 - Hits: 220 - Rate This | Details
    Online Therapy Institute Top Rated
    The Online Therapy Institute is designed for clinicians and organizations who wish to enrich their knowledge about online counseling, clinical supervision and the impact of technology on mental health. The Institute, founded by Kate Anthony and DeeAnna Merz Nagel is a think tank for all issues related to e-therapy. - 1-Jul-2008 - Hits: 930 - Rate This | Details
    Italian psychologist Marco Giacobbi offers online psychotherapy services via Skype and at his practice in Brescia, Italy. His site also includes news and articles that promote general mental wellness. - 4-Jan-2017 - Hits: 60 - Rate This | Details
    Psychology Reference Guide
    The Psychology Reference Guide in the small screen to your left, lists comprehensive general resources for professionals, parents, and students. The Quick Reference Guide below is designed to be a user-friendly resource for instant, quality information on specific topics in Psychology. These selections offer clear and useful information in the form of a resource page, summary paper or review article. Clicking on any of the links below will produce the article in the "main frame" below. You can browse around and at any time return to this main screen by clicking on "Current Topics in Psychology Main Screen" at the top of the reference list on your left. - 18-Jun-2007 - Hits: 303 - Rate This | Details
    The MouseTrap Top Rated
    "The Mouse Trap" can be a challenging read, with direct interest in the area of cognitive and developmental neuroscience. Sandy writes regularly and extensively, the length and breadth of his articles impressive. He has an easy, conversational style of writing, a good sense of humor and a clear dedication to his subject matter. - 15-Jun-2007 - Hits: 206 - Rate This | Details