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    Conquer Your Food Addiction
    This unraveling of the ritual of food addiction helps you to make pro-active choices so you can become the person you want to be. Sometimes, the new way is quite different from what you’ve accumulated in the way of behavior. Your old way was built over a lifetime of unconscious actions and reactions. You now have the opportunity to create something new and wonderful that better serves your present need. - 13-Dec-2004 - Hits: 294 - Rate This | Details
    Dr. David Reuben's Quick Weight-Gain Program Top Rated
    Safe, easy weight gain for every age and situation
    by Dr. David Reuben

    Dr. David Reuben's Quick Weight-Gain Program You won't find too many books on the market today telling people how to safely and easily gain weight, but this is one of them. Dr. Reuben walks people through the steps of how to tell if you're underweight, to discussing weight-gain strategies and how to pick the right foods. Throughout, he informs the reader with interesting and useful tidbits of information. It drives the reader to want more and Dr. Reuben easily meets our needs -- not only providing more information but also more healthier eating tips.

    Dr. Reuben discusses the 17 secrets of putting on pounds fast within this book, as well as offering a few recipes and menus for suggested eating habits. Includes a chapter on how to help your child put on weight through behavioral techniques and another chapter specifically written for older adults. The Appendix includes information on how to calculate your Body Mass Index the easy way. This book was filled with useful and accurate information and is readily recommended for anyone looking for help in gaining weight. It may not work for everyone, but Dr. Reuben offers such sensible tips that it's worth giving a try. Indexed. 217 pages, hardcover. - 4-May-2000 - Hits: 1609 - Rate This | Details

    Dr. Weisinger's Anger Work-Out Book Top Rated
    by Hendrie D. Weisinger
    William Morrow & Co (ISBN: 0688041140)

    Dr. Weisinger's Anger Work-Out Book My favorite recommended workbook for people who are looking for effective, down-to-Earth strategies for learning to cope with their anger. The approach is hands-on, so be prepared to do some writing and actively put into practice the suggestions and exercises the author outlines in every chapter.

    The author explains how anger works in our lives, how it perpetuates, and how to recognize it not only in your own life, but in others as well. Once you begin to recognize the types of things which make you angry ("triggers"), the author provides helpful exercises to find more effective ways of expressing your feelings, controlling, or reducing the anger.

    The great thing about this book is that these are all skills you could easily learn in therapy. - 4-May-2000 - Hits: 931 - Rate This | Details

    Everything You Always Wanted to Ask Your Gynecologist
    by Dr. R. Scott Thornton and Dr. Kathleen Schramm
    Houghton Mifflin Co. (ISBN: 0395892627)

    Everything You Always Wanted to Ask Your Gynecologist This well-written guide provides answers to over 200 questions commonly asked by women. Sixteen easy-to-read chapters cover every gynelogical concern, from menarche to menopause. Dr. Scott Thornton, a gynecologist, and his wife, Dr. Kathleen Schramm, a psychiatrist, provide a unique perspective on women's health, answering such commonly asked questions as How should I choose a gynecologist?, What can I do if I have PMS?, and When will I reach menopause?. This book is highly recommended for any woman interested in knowing how her body works. These down-to-earth explanations are sure to dispel many of the myths and misconceptions that have been passed down through many generations. - 4-May-2000 - Hits: 1253 - Rate This | Details
    Health Online
    by Tom Ferguson, M.D.
    Addison-Wesley (ISBN: 0-201-40989-5)

    Health Online Similar to Tom Linden's guide below, but Dr. Ferguson's effort is newer and takes a slightly different perspective, one that is more personal and compelling. It is a comprehensive guide to all health topics online. It includes major sections on each of the commercial service providers like America OnLine, as well as the Internet, and, like Tom's book, serves up personal stories who have been helped by the resources found online.

    Tom Ferguson, M.D. has been a driving force in the self-help field of medicine and related disorders and brings his expertise to this book. It really empowers you, the consumer, to find useful and timely information online in a productive manner. It's an excellent offering which will easily stand the test of time. If you can only buy one online guide to medicine, this is the one to purchase today. - 4-May-2000 - Hits: 322 - Rate This | Details

    Rachelle Labelle Books
    In her books author Rachelle Labelle describes how what she calls the discrediting process - including workplace violence, induced hopelessness, and exhaustion - lead to her cancer and autoimmune illnesses which she survived and has now written about to share her personal experience and observations.

    Her books include:

    • What Reeks in Canada's Backyard, 2nd Edition, 2014
    • Microscopic Polyangiitis-We're Not Lazy, We're in Agony!!
    • Token Recourse, 2nd Edition, 2015
    • Beating Back AL Amyloidosis, January 2016 (Amyloidosis)

    Books available for digital purchase at site. - 25-Jul-2015 - Hits: 137 - Rate This | Details
    What You Need to Know About Psychiatric Drugs
    Prepared by a team of nationally respected health professionals, here is the definitive consumer guide to the powerful medications that have revolutionized the treatment of psychological illness, and includes: an alphabetical listing and discussion of the most frequently utilized drugs, cross-referenced to the illness they treat AND their side effects; a review of their effects on special risk groups, such as pregnant women, and the elderly, plus guidelines for finding and evaluating psychiatrists who are knowledgeable in prescribing psychiatric drugs, and much more. - 7-Jan-2003 - Hits: 356 - Rate This | Details
    Whole Person: Health and Wellness Publishers
    Whole Person's products are intentionally focused on the whole person - the complex mixture of physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual components that make us human. Their resources for professionals seek to go beyond theory and offer practical, hands-on activities to use with clients and participants. They have additional self-help products for laypeople that encourage self-reflection and offer concrete solutions to help individuals achieve healthy lifestyles. - 2-Feb-2016 - Hits: 94 - Rate This | Details