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    Ayurherbs Ayurveda Clinic
    Ayurherbs Ayurveda Clinic follows a unique natural method to help people manage depression, stress and anxiety. They recommend traditional dietary and lifestyle habits, yogic exercises, ayurvedic herbal medications, Shirodhara, purification and rejuvenation treatments to strengthen the capacity of the mind and to achieve the sattvic mind by balancing the stability of doshas. Services are available in East Melbourne, Australia. - 5-Dec-2018 - Hits: 30 - Rate This | Details
    Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic
    Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic uses ayurveda as an alternative and natural method in order to help people manage stress, anxiety, depression and many other wellness-related issues. They provide ayurvedic stress management treatments such as a variety of customised Shirodhara treatments depending on the individual's situation. Services available at locations in Melvern and Elsternwick, Australia. - 16-Apr-2017 - Hits: 107 - Rate This | Details
    Colour Therapy and Colourpuncture
    Colour therapy, colourpuncture, Kirlian photography and diagnosis, Esogetic Medicine, products, trainings and workshops, by Iman Kaiser, Australian practitioner, certified by Peter Mandel.

    Colour therapy is often described as acupuncture without needles and uses a specifically designed torch where rainbow, pastel or grey coloured quartz rods are attached. - 23-Mar-2005 - Hits: 284 - Rate This | Details
    Dr Purves contains free self-help articles about depression, anxiety, and stress. You may also consult with Dr. Purves with your issues--he is in the UK.

    He is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and deals with (as mentioned above) depression, anxiety and stress. - 9-Jul-2013 - Hits: 229 - Rate This | Details
    Gentle Stress Relief
    A light-hearted resource of stress relief guidance and tips - explains stress and its causes. Provides tips for instant stress relief as well as stress prevention, emotional stress reducers, lifestyle choices, herbs, exercise, nutrition and techniques. Emphasis on simple, cost effective, natural and drug free solutions that enhance health, wellness peace and happiness. - 12-Mar-2009 - Hits: 830 - Rate This | Details
    Green Mountain Natural Health
    Green Mountain Natural Health focuses on naturopathic, alternative & holistic medicine. Their ultimate goal is to use natural medicines and treatments to remedy disease and chronic illnesses, such as anxiety, and to restore and maintain one's overall health. A wide range of services are offered to aid clients in taking control of their own health and wellness. - 24-Aug-2017 - Hits: 109 - Rate This | Details is the web's premiere free life coaching, personal growth, and self help resource. contains articles, podcasts and tools for creating positive and long lasting lifestyle change. - 16-Jun-2008 - Hits: 239 - Rate This | Details
    Kelee Spiritual Foundation Top Rated
    The Kelee meditation practice helps individuals find and release anxiety and fear. The Kelee Spiritual Foundation helps people to free themselves from the burdens of life through teaching the Kelee Meditation Practice. This Foundation supports environmental causes and the emotional side of individuals on the path of being sick and getting well. - 6-Aug-2007 - Hits: 997 - Rate This | Details
    Motivate Your Results
    Professional Speaker, Author, Coach and Consultant, Raj Gavurla offers confidential and private coaching and advisor sessions intended to empower your mood, mindset, and motivation to transform your performance. Having been through the highs and lows of business, Raj can relate. He is the author of Winning At Entrepreneurship, Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbook, and Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools manual. Having a coach and advisor can make it easier to develop, build, evolve and grow yourself or business. - 1-Sep-2017 - Hits: 53 - Rate This | Details
    Reiki Wellbeing
    Reiki Wellbeing is a growing community of Healers with the shared vision of making Energy and Spiritual Healing accessible through the highest levels of mentoring and education.

    They believe that the path to oneness, a radiant global consciousness, and a harmony with the Earth is achieved through love, compassion, and a diversity of healing arts that speaks to the complex nature of the human spirit.

    Their unique approach draws from the modern evolution of energy healing as seen in Reiki, EFT, the artistry of sound, song, and dance, the ancient wisdom of Shamanic practices, the primal forces of Nature, healing crystals and medicinal herbs, the mystery of Time-Space and the human psyche, and much more. - 15-Mar-2018 - Hits: 40 - Rate This | Details
    The Penninghame Process
    Set in the surroundings of a Victorian mansion in South West Scotland, The Penninghame Process is a six day, intensive residential course designed to teach you how to uncover aspects of your inner self, release unexpressed emotions, move past blockages and examine subconscious strategies whilst allowing yourself to express authentic feelings. - 13-Aug-2015 - Hits: 132 - Rate This | Details
    Victoria Steele Counseling and Coaching
    Victoria Steele is a counselor, coach, speaker and a life-long feminist and tireless advocate for women's empowerment, the Equal Rights Amendment and preventing violence against women.

    As a Native American (Seneca/Mingo), a former television and radio news anchor, mental health counselor, Arizona State Legislator and the founder of the Tucson Chapter of the National Organization for Women, Victoria brings a unique perspective to every exchange. - 28-Sep-2017 - Hits: 125 - Rate This | Details
    Wellmade Remedies
    Wellmade Remedies strives to be the best online resource for free home remedies, herbal supplements, and natural treatments. Their online guide of homemade medicines and health tips will help you find the right natural treatment for your illness. - 8-May-2018 - Hits: 40 - Rate This | Details