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    Gone Too Soon
    What is Gone Too Soon? A memorial website is probably the best way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away. With GoneTooSoon you can create an everlasting tribute to someone close to you whom you have lost. We provide an easy to use free service that allows you to create and maintain a memorial website where family and friends can pay their tributes, thereby keeping the loved one's memory alive. Many people find by setting up a memorial website they bring tremendous comfort to themselves and others left behind, it's a convenient way that others can pay an everlasting tribute and offer their condolences from anywhere at any time. Some people find it too painful to set up a site so soon after the passing of their loved one. With GoneTooSoon you can create you site any time; anniversaries or birthdays are often a key time some people choose. Don't think it's not your place to set up a site. You would not be encroaching on other family members territory. Our experience has shown that an early site offers the greatest comfort; it's usually too difficult for close family members to create the site and when someone has gone to the trouble to do so it's a great mark of respect that is often greatly appreciated. Often close friends set up the site and later pass on the upkeep or passwords to someone who was not able to deal with it at the time. The earlier you set up the site, the more response it will have. People are eager to leave messages of condolence as soon as someone has passed away, and it's a comforting feeling to those left behind knowing so many people took time to care. You should tell as many people as you can about the site. GoneTooSoon is free and easy to use. It doesn't matter when your friend, family member or loved one passed away you can set a site up anytime. You can add to it when you're ready and we can help you every step of the way if you encounter any problems. - 10-Jan-2008 - Hits: 435 - Rate This | Details
    HealGrief Top Rated
    HealGrief is dedicated to bringing family and friends from around the world together to memorialize and celebrate a loved one's life. A non-profit organization offering free online funeral notices, memorials, virtual candle galleries and resources, HealGrief provides community, support and connections. - 13-Oct-2014 - Hits: 205 - Rate This | Details
    Memorial Haven
    An online obituary and memorial site where individuals can celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones. The online memorials and tributes act as "scrapbooks" of the lives of those lost. Post condolence messages to the bereaved and share memories through photos and videos. - 15-Apr-2015 - Hits: 222 - Rate This | Details
    Memory Is Life
    Memory Is Life allows you to create a free memorial site dedicated to a deceased loved one.

    After 15 days, you can pay and get a "premium" membership, or you can keep the basic membership for free and still update your free memorial website. - 16-May-2013 - Hits: 205 - Rate This | Details
    Remembering Nicholas
    Nicholas Knapp's mother found out that he had succumbed to suicide early one morning. She was awash with grief and understandably broken-hearted and lost.

    While Nicholas' life is now gone, Penny has given many other people hope and some degree of comfort in this website. There are links to resources, videos to those who have dealt with suicide and its after effects, suicide awareness products, and news/events as well.

    Nicholas also loved golf, and there is also an annual golf tournament in his honor. - 21-Jan-2014 - Hits: 234 - Rate This | Details