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    Popular! Accepting the Body You Have Top Rated
    No one is ever 100% satisfied with their body, it may seem. There are always ideas and resolutions to lose weight, gain weight, increase muscle mass, lose muscle mass, what have you. Body results are not what the Hollywood theaters would have you believe. Most people are not built like an Angelina Jolie or a Brad Pitt. However, even if you are not built or look like a person such as that, it is fine to accept who you are and find the beauty within *and even outside* yourself. Find out how here. - 29-Mar-2006 - Hits: 11120 - Rate This | Details
    Bulimia Help
    Bulimia Help has over 11,000 members and provides support, advice, treatment programs and 1-to-1 recovery coaching. They also have suffered from bulimia and have the personal experience you know as someone who needs help with eating disorders. Wouldn't you rather have someone who had previous experience with this disorder, or would you rather have experience with someone who has none? - 18-Sep-2013 - Hits: 601 - Rate This | Details
    Coping With Denial in Eating Disorders
    What if the person you care about refuses to admit there is a problem? This is often the case with teenagers in general, and with anorexia nervosa at any age. Whether you merely suspect there is a problem, or you know that the problem exists and is serious, when your loved one or friend says nothing is wrong, you have a difficult situation. This brief article describes some ways a person with an eating disorder can better cope with the denial that accompanies the disorder. - 8-Jan-2002 - Hits: 4531 - Rate This | Details
    Four Stages of Breaking a Food Addiction
    Nowhere do the four stages of addiction come into play more powerfully than they do when you resist changing a habit relating to the foods with which you self-medicate. For most of us those foods are the instant, and easily available - Bread, Beverage, Dessert or Alcohol. For others they are the fatty foods, and plenty of them. You might choose huge portions of steak, hamburger, and French fries, enormous bowls of salad with globs of dressing. Perhaps chunks of cheese appear as a part of your daily food consumption.

    This article by Caryl Ehrlich seeks to help you break free from your own food addiction, no matter which stage of addiction you might find yourself in. - 14-Jan-2005 - Hits: 2689 - Rate This | Details
    Treatment for Anorexia
    In this article, Dr. Grohol lists how a person can be treated for anorexia. Certain treatments involved being hospitalized, being put on medication, psychotherapy, and self therapy and self help. Anorexia can be a social issue, due to a person wanting to look attractive to others, and feeling that they do not meet up to others. If you are anorexic, or know someone who is anorexic, find the help you need here. - 20-Mar-2006 - Hits: 1561 - Rate This | Details
    Treatment for Bulimia
    Some people with bulimia can be in what psychologists call "denial". Part of the challenge of treatment with bulimia, as with many eating disorders, may be just helping the person with bulimia understand they do have a serious mental health concern that needs professional treatment. This article describes the various treatment options available for the treatment of bulimia, such as psychotherapy and medications. - 8-Jan-2002 - Hits: 2101 - Rate This | Details
    Unrealistic Expectations Can Cause Failure
    An informational and helpful article by Caryl Ehrlich, author of Conquer Your Food Addiction.

    Weight gain is an evolutionary process. Some people call it creeping weight. The scale turtles inexorably upward - a tight skirt, a belt notch, a can't-zip-up-my-pants inch at a time. Yet you expect the scale to go down as rapidly as a high-speed elevator. This erroneous thought pattern - practiced and perfected as with any bad habit - is an unrealistic expectation. Dangerous to be sure with any endeavor, but deadly when it comes to weight reduction. - 15-Nov-2004 - Hits: 1070 - Rate This | Details
    What is Real Hunger?
    An informational and helpful article by Caryl Ehrlich, author of Conquer Your Food Addiction.

    In order to identify hunger, you must first understand what it is. This is not as easy as it seems. Many of you may never have let yourself experience true hunger, only a feeling of discomfort. Not knowing exactly what it was, you may have been eating past hunger for such a long time you can no longer differentiate between hunger and the feeling of anxiety, stress, boredom, or any number of other emotional or circumstantial stimuli. You haven't allowed yourself to go without eating for a long enough period of time to have felt true hunger; you may not have experienced it since childhood. - 15-Nov-2004 - Hits: 1016 - Rate This | Details