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    Riverview Behavioral Health
    At Riverview Behavioral Health, instead of using a one-size-fits all approach to treatment, we offer a wide range of programs specifically designed for the different needs of older adults, adolescents, and children. For children and teens, we have an acute inpatient program and a residential treatment program, both designed to address behavioral issues like depression, self-harm, and other aggressive behaviors. Our acute inpatient program is a shorter term program used for stabilization, while our residential program is for those who need longer-term care. The goal for both of these program is to allow children and adolescents to move past their problems so they can reach their full potential. In addition to these programs we also provide intensive outpatient therapy, school based services, therapeutic day treatment, and traditional outpatient counseling. - 27-Jun-2014 - Hits: 6 - Rate This | Details
    The MoodGYM
    MoodGYM is an innovative, interactive web program designed to prevent depression. It consists of five modules, an interactive game, anxiety and depression assessments, downloadable relaxation audio, a workbook and feedback assessment.

    Using flashed diagrams and online exercises, MoodGYM teaches the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy a proven treatment for depression. It also demonstrates the relationship between thoughts and emotions, and works through dealing with stress and relationship break-ups, as well as teaching relaxation and meditation techniques. - 17-Oct-2006 - Hits: 336 - Rate This | Details
    WebMD Depression Condition Center
    An advertising-heavy resource center on depression from the large Internet health portal, WebMD. Offers medically-refereed fact guides and articles that discuss all aspects of the illness.

    Beware, however, that sponsored content from pharmaceutical drug companies is sometimes mixed in with the editorial content on this site. This is potentially confusing to readers who might mistakenly believe such content is unbiased. - 21-Jul-2003 - Hits: 304 - Rate This | Details




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