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    Draw that Beast
    Winston Churchill imagined his depression as a "little black dog", which has stuck ever since as the unofficial mascot of depression. But what if depression could be imagined in another form? I am asking people to submit original artwork (drawings, paintings, montages, photos) of how depression visually looks to them. The idea is to go beyond the descriptive words and try to capture the intangible with imagery. Like glimpses into the human spirit. I am not-for-profit and am doing this out of curiosity and personal commitment to raising awareness of depression in the community. - 5-Aug-2010 - Hits: 387 - Rate This | Details
    Everything is Interesting
    I struggle with depression every day and have my entire life. If it were not for my curious and analytic mind, I don't know if I could survive. I want so much to invite others into conversation, to explore the world of ideas, of art, of nature, and even of politics (and you don't have to agree with me on anything). This is what keeps me going. I think it can help everyone. - 31-Aug-2008 - Hits: 551 - Rate This | Details
    Land of Glory
    Land of Glory is a peaceful place around the web which spreads positive messages, it shares awareness to those seeking life improvements, in order to move towards a brighter future. Each person has the potential of starting a journey towards true happiness and it's never too late to start. Land of Glory will help you understand and be sure that there will be light and success on your way. - 21-Mar-2014 - Hits: 229 - Rate This | Details
    The Depressed Medical Student
    This blog is written from the perspective of a medical student in which the author makes regular posts about their depression and other mental health issues. The intent being to help as many medical students and doctors as possible to appreciate the severity of mental illness, and how to seek help should they need it especially given the stigma associated with being a medical professional that also suffers from mental illness. - 12-Oct-2016 - Hits: 178 - Rate This | Details