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    Bipolar Perspectives
    Bipolar Perspectives, created by George Petrides, is a resource for all who are impacted by bipolar disorder. It includes a popular video interview series, research on a variety of treatments, an advocacy action plan and much more. - 22-Aug-2017 - Hits: 388 - Rate This | Details
    Bipolar World Top Rated
    Information, medications, weight and weight control, personal stories and support for those diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Sign or View the memoriams on our Suicide Wall. A personal web site by a bipolar diagnosed for 22 years. "I have walked many miles in your moccassins" - 22-Oct-2000 - Hits: 6588 - Rate This | Details
    DBT Self Help
    This website was created by participants graduating from DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) groups. It contains exercises and articles for use by the person suffering from BiPolar and/or Borderline Personality Disorder, helping the sufferer to refrain and self-modulate. Works by professionals are clearly marked on the site. - 15-Nov-2014 - Hits: 852 - Rate This | Details
    McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web Top Rated
    In 2004, an editorial in the British Medical Journal cited two Stanford University studies that found that "expert patients" who took the trouble to learn about their illness and took active steps to manage it had much better outcomes than those who did not.

    This website is meant to help individuals by giving them insight into their illness and behaviors, helping them make their own choices in treatment and recovery. This site includes more than 100 articles on all aspects of depression and bipolar, plus news, links, newsletter, forum, books, and message boards. - 25-May-2001 - Hits: 5091 - Rate This | Details
    Moodswings is one of the first online psychotherapies for bipolar disorder. It is based on a successful validated manualized intervention, the MAPS programme, which was shown to reduce relapses into both mania and depression in a randomized controlled trial (submitted for publication). The website is open for registration as part of an evaluation of the intervention. This site is an online self-help tool for people with bipolar disorder.

    Material used in this website is based on an effective face-to-face group program found to be successful in reducing episodes of illness. This website is being evaluated as part of a study conducted through the University of Melbourne and Barwon Health. - 14-May-2008 - Hits: 2139 - Rate This | Details
    Pendulum Resources Top Rated
    One of the oldest mailing lists on this topic also has a Web site which is a very comprehensive resource on bipolar disorder, offering online resources, symptom lists, book lists, medications, treatment options, etc. - 18-Jan-2000 - Hits: 2246 - Rate This | Details