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    Finding Meaning in the Holidays and Christmas
    The holidays are a time of year, almost a rite of passage one might say, that you either love or dread. There's little inbetween. Most folks look forward to the holidays and Christmas on some level, perhaps believing they can or will rekindle that childhood feeling of innocence and wonder that usually accompanies this time of the year. Most folks, however, don't usually feel the same kind of anticipation toward the familial obligations the holidays often bring. Few folks look at the time as an opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of the holidays, and why they are meant to be important and special. - 19-Dec-2003 - Hits: 907 - Rate This | Details
    Frozen Feelings Top Rated
    For many people, the Holiday season is a time for excitement and happiness. This is when families are "supposed" to join together and enjoy the warmth and comfort of being surrounded with love. However, for many people, this "family love" is not so warm and comfy.

    There are other people who look at the Holidays as a stressed-filled time full of disappointment, anxiety, and sadness. But why? If we are typically encircled by family and friends during this festive time of year, why would some people feel depressed? Oh, the reasons are endless. - 11-Dec-2005 - Hits: 617 - Rate This | Details
    Grieving Through the Holidays
    The loss of a loved one (friend or family) is difficult to deal with, but with the holidays coming up, coping becomes even more challenging. Christmas songs are playing on the radio and in stores, people buying gifts, and sounds of laughter are all reminders that there will be at least one less person to find a present for, one less person to share the enjoyment of this 'merry' time of the year; and one less person whose voice and laughter will never be heard from again. - 22-Dec-2004 - Hits: 523 - Rate This | Details
    Holiday Coping Tips Top Rated
    Holiday depression is common and perhaps up to 10% of the population suffers from it to some degree or another. It is usually related to the holiday season because it brings back memories of a happier time in our lives. We may remember spending past holidays with a loved one who is no longer with us. Or we may get depressed by seeing so many others who have someone special in their lives - whether it be their family, close friends, or a significant other - to share the season with. Or it may be a combination of these things and others, such as dealing with an ongoing mental disorder.

    Herein, Dr. John Grohol helps you make it through the stressful season of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas with some handy tips. - 11-Feb-2004 - Hits: 1116 - Rate This | Details
    Surviving Holiday Family Gatherings
    The holiday season is right around the corner, and for many people, it means a time of chaos, bankruptcy, and the dreaded holiday gatherings. Memories of past get-togethers come flooding back, and more often then not, negative incidents have more impact than positive ones. As a result, many people are feeling very stressed out and anxious.

    For those people who have mental illness, such as social phobia, depression, and anxiety, the parties are the worst part of the holiday, and the fear starts to grow weeks and sometimes months before the holiday actually arrives. Stores have Christmas paraphernalia set up, the malls are getting busier, and the commercials on TV and radio keep a reminder that Christmas is coming. - 22-Dec-2004 - Hits: 528 - Rate This | Details