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    How to Choose a Therapist
    ...and Other Questions Answered About Starting Your Psychotherapy

    So often I've been asked, "So how does one choose a good therapist?" After all, nobody wants to put their intensely personal emotional problems into the hands of an inexperienced, ineffective, or useless practitioner. The below guidelines will offer suggestions you may want to follow in choosing your next therapist. By the way, while I was at one time a therapist in practice, I have also been in my own therapy. This article was written with both experiences in mind. - 1-Apr-2000 - Hits: 641 - Rate This | Details
    Psychotherapy for Depression
    Your First and Best Treatment Choice This article was written in response to a number of shorter articles from an issue of the American Psychologist (June, 1995, Volume 50, Number 6). These articles were written in response to a prior article in this same journal, which made the same case for psychotherapy as being the treatment of choice for depression, but in gentler terms. I think the time for gentler terms is past and that individuals should be fully informed as to their treatment options, especially with regards to what has been conclusively shown to work for depression. Many individuals often turn to psychotropic medications for immediate relief of emotional problems. I don't believe the research backs up such a solution, as you will see below. Following the extensive quotes from the journal, I have also outlined the major points of these articles. - 1-Apr-2000 - Hits: 4910 - Rate This | Details
    Sacred Life?
    Suicide interventions on the Internet

    Since the influx of individuals signing-on for the first time, the Internet has become a microcosm of all the problems of society at large. Usenet, the messaging forum of the Internet, has been acutely affected by issues of morals and ethics. These issues range from children reading unmoderated, inappropriate newsgroups such as those in the hierarchy, to companies disregarding Usenet precedence and tradition, deluging hundreds of newsgroups with their unwanted advertisements. Other on-line service providers, such as CompuServe and American On-line, have much stricter codes of standards and can enforce them through their membership structures. They also have formal organizational structures and moderators scan most discussion areas on-line. On the Internet, anyone can become a member at anytime and participate in any discussion anywhere. There is no formal organizational structure and very few moderators of newsgroups. - 1-Apr-2000 - Hits: 636 - Rate This | Details
    Types of Therapies Top Rated
    Theoretical Orientations and Practices of Therapists

    There are probably hundreds of different types of theoretical orientations and techniques that therapists use nowadays in the field of psychotherapy. You, as a consumer of mental health services, want an overview, however, of these types of approaches to therapy and practice. Luckily, you've turned to the right place. In this document, I will review the main schools of theory and the techniques they utilize in practice. Granted, such an overview is going to miss a lot and generalize even more (something my professors back in graduate school would kill me for!), but I feel information is important. I will, therefore, try and be mildly objective and unbiased in my presentation, when possible. Be aware that any therapist, no matter what their background or training actually is, can say they practice or subscribe to any of the below major schools of thought in psychology; a therapist's educational degree is no guarantee of any one theoretical or treatment orientation. - 1-Apr-2000 - Hits: 969 - Rate This | Details
    Why Managed Care Hurts You
    Demand better from your HMO or insurance company now!

    What's the big deal about this? Try getting psychotherapy services from your HMO or insurance company and you'll soon realize what the "big deal" is. There are two major and a whole lot of minor problems with regards to how managed care hurts your ability to access timely and effective treatment. The first problem is that insurance companies, looking out for the bottom line, will seek to limit either the time or type of psychotherapeutic services offered you. The second problem is that these same companies seek to limit your choices in who you can see.

    Update: Click through to see the follow-up reader response. - 1-Apr-2000 - Hits: 357 - Rate This | Details