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    Popular! Anxiety Coach Top Rated
    A self-help guide for people with anxiety disorders, and the professionals who serve them. An interesting site with information on mastering anxiety, support groups, diaphragmatic breathing, stage fright, social phobia, fear of flying, and more. - 1-Jul-2001 - Hits: 9280 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Social Phobia
    The Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association (SP/SAA), a non-profit organization, was officially organized in 1997 to meet the growing needs of people throughout the world who have social phobia/social anxiety. Information about social anxiety and social phobia, fact sheet, and support groups in your community. - 18-Jun-2000 - Hits: 8696 - Rate This | Details
    About Social Anxiety
    About Social Anxiety is written by Arlin Cuncic, former guide of the social anxiety disorder website at and author of the Anxiety Workbook. This blog offers practical solutions and information for anyone living with or affected by social anxiety. - 24-Sep-2018 - Hits: 60 - Rate This | Details
    Anxiety Boss Top Rated
    Anxiety Boss is an anxiety website that is put together and directed by psychiatrist and anxiety expert, Dr. Carlo Carandang, MD. This free website is for people with anxiety who want a comprehensive resource for anxiety information and self-help tools from a psychiatrist's perspective. - 1-Nov-2015 - Hits: 1049 - Rate This | Details
    Online learning and support for anxiety disorders, panic attack, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and phobias. This membership-based site offers streaming video, audio and multimedia files, discussion, chat, a monthly newsletter, and personalized discussion by email, MSN, ICQ or phone. - 4-Sep-2003 - Hits: 1409 - Rate This | Details
    Anxiety Social Net Top Rated
    Anxiety Social Net is a social network for people struggling with anxiety disorders and other mental health issues. They offer free information, Q&A, Blogs, and a functionality similar to social networking sites such as Facebook. Their network has over 20,000 users and has been featured in ADAA (Anxiety and depression association of America)and - 23-Mar-2015 - Hits: 662 - Rate This | Details
    Anxious Relief
    Eva Lane of Anxious seeks to provide anxiety relief through reiki. Reiki is a holistic healing technique that may assist with stress reduction and promote healing and relaxation in the body, which helps to provide ideal conditions for calm, confidence and happiness to be restored to your mind, body and soul. Site content also includes free guided meditations for anxiety and stress - including a free track to listen to during a panic attack as well as online energy healing sessions and courses via Skype. - 25-Sep-2017 - Hits: 275 - Rate This | Details
    Code Therapy: A Film About Technology and Mental Health
    Code Therapy is a short documentary about how technology is changing the way mental health services are delivered.

    Throughout the world there is a huge discrepancy between the number of people who struggle with mental health issues and the availability of sufficient therapeutic services. Now a growing number of entrepreneurs and researchers are creating apps and online programs to help plug this gap. Filmed in the US and UK, Code Therapy explores the potential of this new frontier in digital healthcare. - 22-Jul-2017 - Hits: 275 - Rate This | Details
    Do You Panic
    Will Beswick's site is dedicated to helping people, who suffer at the hands of panic or anxiety and the repetitive or obsessive thoughts and behaviors which often follow. It has been awarded ***** (5 stars) by the UK Mental Health Foundation and has also received excellent reviews from The National (UK) Phobics Society, Anxietynomore, The Chipmunka Foundation and NoMorePanic. - 11-Jun-2008 - Hits: 1949 - Rate This | Details
    Dr. Chloe, Anxiety Webinar
    Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD teaches the nine most popular cognitive-behavioral techniques for managing anxiety at her practice on Park Avenue in New York City. These thought and emotion management techniques help you to reduce anxiety related to issues like perfectionism, worrying too much, or an obsession. These are the same techniques Dr. Chloe uses to help clients with tendencies towards obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. These techniques are designed to harness your anxious energy so you can settle yourself, focus yourself, and enjoy yourself more than before. Many clients experience a bump in productivity because the techniques help decrease procrastination, while increasing motivation and well-being. - 24-Oct-2014 - Hits: 658 - Rate This | Details
    Emetophobia Online
    This site exists to provide information and support for those suffering from emetophobia, or the fear of vomiting. emetophobia: a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of vomiting or fear of throwing up, despite the understanding by the phobic individual and reassurance by others that there is no danger. - 2-Oct-2000 - Hits: 3432 - Rate This | Details
    Forte Strong Top Rated
    Forte Strong of St George, UT offers a life coaching, therapy, and independent living program for young men, dedicated to treating "failure to launch syndrome", and the variety of individual challenges that contribute to it. Among the challenges coaches and therapists have successfully treated are social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, depression, impulsivity, defiance, ADHD, low self-esteem, technology addiction and other dependencies that keep young men from launching successfully. - 28-Jun-2017 - Hits: 263 - Rate This | Details
    Helping Minds
    Helping Minds is an online resource dedicated to anxiety disorders. Site content includes articles on how to prevent and manage anxiety symptoms, general anxiety resources, risk factors for panic attacks, and much more. - 20-Jun-2017 - Hits: 311 - Rate This | Details
    Imagine All Better
    Imagine All Better (IAB) is a mobile app designed to eliminate stress/anxiety tied to events, a particular situation or other individuals. The app walks the user through a proven step-by-step process. Currently only available for iOS users as a free download for a single use with each subsequent costing $.99 per usage. - 18-Nov-2017 - Hits: 258 - Rate This | Details
    Jessa Corinne
    Jessa Corinne writes a lifestyle blog that focuses on helping people overcome their anxiety. She hopes that others are able to find support in knowing that they are not alone in suffering from the symptoms of panic and anxiety attacks and in relating to someone who has since overcome these anxiety/panic attacks they may find comfort. - 3-Feb-2016 - Hits: 459 - Rate This | Details
    Kelee Spiritual Foundation Top Rated
    The Kelee meditation practice helps individuals find and release anxiety and fear. The Kelee Spiritual Foundation helps people to free themselves from the burdens of life through teaching the Kelee Meditation Practice. This Foundation supports environmental causes and the emotional side of individuals on the path of being sick and getting well. - 6-Aug-2007 - Hits: 955 - Rate This | Details